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Consumer Sentiment Survey 2021 Blog Header

Consumers Share Sentiments on Mobile Apps and Ads

Posted Mar 4, 2021

Research has shown us that consumers are using their smartphones more than ever before. Mobile users have become increasingly more reliant on apps not only for daily functions but also for entertainment. But how do consumers actually feel while using different types of apps? 

To gain a better understanding of these key consumer sentiments, we recently conducted a survey across the AdColony platform. Globally distributed, over 300 consumers participated in the survey, sharing key aspects of their mobile behaviors and preferences, including sentiment while using apps and ad acceptability.

Read on for highlights from the Consumer Sentiment Survey and scroll down to see the infographic!

Consumer Happiness

Consumers were asked to rank their mood on a 5 point likert scale, which was then compared to the app they were in at the time they received an invitation to participate in the survey. The data revealed that consumers playing mobile games are the happiest. 73% of respondents said they were happy or very happy while playing mobile games. Social apps ranked second in terms of sentiment with 70% of respondents reported being happy or very happy while using those apps.

Consumers are the least happy while on news apps. Approximately 53% of respondents said they were in a positive mood when using news apps. Similarly, 56% of respondents said they were in a happy mood when using a utility app. 

Mobile gamers are happiest when playing board games. Respondents who play mobile games were asked to rank their usual mood while playing various types of game categories on a 5 point likert scale.  Board game, trivia, and strategy games have the highest shares of users in a happy or very happy mood.

Ad Acceptability

While it’s undeniably helpful to appeal to consumers while they’re already in a positive state of mind, it’s also critical to not ruin the mood with the ad itself. As such, we asked consumers to rank the acceptability of various ad formats. Rewarded video (36%) and playable ads (27%) are considered the most acceptable ad types to consumers. Meanwhile, 27% of users find interstitial display ads completely unacceptable while 25% of users said the same about in-feed ads. 

Consumers were also asked to choose the ad type they are most likely to interact with and Rewarded video, playable ads, and interstitial video ranked highest. Pre/midroll video, interstitial display ads, and in-feed ads received the lowest shares. 

Don’t forget to click the infographic to see it full screen and download!

About the Study
The AdColony Consumer Sentiment Survey provides insights into consumers’ mobile behaviors and preferences. Distributed in Q1 2021, to mobile users across the world, the survey asked 15 questions and received over 300 responses.

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