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Creative Showcase: A101 Brand Image

Posted Mar 11, 2021

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the engaging A101 Brand Image campaign in Turkey. Well-known A101, which is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Turkey, sought to celebrate the opening of its 10,001st  store by using the superiority of mobile advertising. With AdColony’s Instant-Play™ HD Video and Dynamic End Card technologies, A101 uplifted its brand image using a mobile advertising campaign to increase engagement rates and time spent with target audiences in seven regions of Turkey.

About the Campaign

A101 is the most common chain of the retail sector in Turkey’s seven regions, where operations are accomplished all over Turkey. As one of the largest supermarket chains in the world, A101 accelerated its growth by opening its 10,001st store at the end of 2020. By being one of the leading companies in the retail industry, A101 couldn’t sit still and ignore the power of mobile ads while the competition in the mobile advertising industry is increasing each day. For their campaign, A101’s main focus was to highlight the contributions of customers to the opening of new stores by bringing customer preferences to the core of its business model. By enabling the preferences to form the structure of its supply chain, the company succeeded in opening its 110,001st store, and during the pandemic period that we are in, it has become inevitable to use the power of mobile ads to increase the brand image.

How did it work?

A101 decided to run a video ad campaign about the opening of its 10,001st store and highlighted customers’ tremendous contributions to this growth. 

AdColony assisted this campaign to increase the brand visibility to target and potential audiences in Turkey’s seven different regions and celebrate A101’s “10,001st Store”. The creative gamification structure of AdColony’s impeccable Dynamic End Card technology brought interactivity and gave audiences the opportunity to build A101 stores in the chosen 7 regions by touching the screen.

By determining the place where A101 will establish its next store through the audience’s decision, the campaign reached shoppers on mobile games with high-quality gamification video. After capturing their attention, audiences were shown more features of the campaign with the ‘Discover More’ CTA to learn more about A101’s products and stores and ‘Play Again’ CTA to increase the time spent with the brand. 

Why did it work?

Thanks to the creative execution of AdColony’s Dynamic End Card technology, A101’s campaign had incredible engagement rates. The DEC engagement for this campaign was mind-blowing in the Anatolia region, where 36% of users chose the region as the location for the next A101 store. The second most chosen region was the Black Sea region of Turkey with a 15% engagement rate.  Marmara region was next with 11% engagement and the Mediterranean region with 9% engagement, followed by Aegean region with 8% engagement. 22% of the users wanted to experience this game again which shows us that people enjoyed the ad and recognized that A101 has various branches all around Turkey.

A101 achieved a 38.7% engagement rate on DEC which is 10% higher than its benchmark and over 305,000 users clicked on the Gamification DEC. More than 790,000 users completed the video and 973 people visited the landing page and got more information about A101.

In conclusion, A101 was one of the most successful campaigns of January 2021. Results of this campaign were also measured by Nielsen certificate Brand Study. At Purchase Intent there was an 0.1% uplift rate, indicating that the campaign has affected users’ tendency to buy from A101 for their next grocery shopping positively. Also, on Message Association, the campaign succeeds with a 2.8% uplift rate, which shows that the campaign has increased the recognition of the 10,001st store among the target audience, thanks to the gamification DEC execution highlighting that A101 has stores all around Turkey. Finally, on the Insight Expectation question, the campaign had a 25% uplift rate which shows that the campaign has increased the “accessibility” of the audience through A101. Overall, the campaign reached its aim and proved to the people that everyone can reach A101 wherever they are.

About A101
A101 is the largest chain in the retail sector where they operate in Turkey’s all 81 provinces. With 100% domestic capital, A101 is among the world’s largest supermarket chains. Turkey’s largest store chain offers its customers quality food, consumable materials, white appliances, and electronics at the cheapest prices. Placing the customer preferences at the center of the mindset, A101 forms the structure of the supply chain as only the products that provide customer satisfaction and that pass the required quality and supply standards are placed on the shelves. Building on trust with all its stakeholders, especially its customers, employees, and suppliers with its 12 years of experience, A101 continues to be the most widespread chain of the retail industry with its innovative and dynamic structure.

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