Mobile Behavior in Azerbaijan During Ramadan 2021

Posted Mar 29, 2021

This year, Ramadan will begin on the evening of Tuesday, April 13, and will end on the evening of Wednesday, May 12. After Ramadan comes to an end, Muslims observe Eid al-Fitr until the evening of Saturday, May 15. This celebration is one of the holiest periods for the Muslim world and emphasizing the importance of giving and sharing. As people get ready for Ramadan, it’s helpful to see what type of role mobile devices have in this preparation.

To better understand mobile behavior, AdColony surveyed people in Azerbaijan about mobile usage during the Ramadan season. The Ramadan Survey was distributed to get more insights into people’s daily preferences during this time. Respondents’ ages ranged from 16 to 75 and were typically aged 25 to 44.

Let’s find out consumers’ preferences of digital platforms and shopping behaviors during the month of Ramadan in Azerbaijan and be sure to download the infographic!

AdColony also created a playbook on Winning Ramadan and Eid in 2021. The presentation provides data on consumers during Ramadan, who are these audiences, and which industries would be more active during this season.

Survey Highlights — Azerbaijan

Smartphones are more important than ever. —
55% of the respondents state that they will use their smartphones more on Ramadan compared to other times and 76% of them will use their smartphones mostly during the day.

Smartphones are also the top pick for shopping in Ramadan. — 91% of the respondents state that their first choice will be their smartphones when shopping online for Ramadan while 44% of the respondents describe themselves as gifters/shoppers.

Mobile games are more entertaining during Ramadan. — 42% of the respondents state that they play more mobile games during Ramadan than ever before.

Personal care is important. — 67% of the respondents state that their cosmetic expense is increasing during Ramadan while their top cosmetic purchases are perfumes & fragrances with 57% followed by makeup & cosmetics products with 55% and hair care products with 45%.

Pricing and discount are very important. — 59% of respondents state that pricing and discounts are the most important factors while shopping for Ramadan followed by product quality with 44%.

The impact of mobile ads is undeniable. — 57% of the respondents state that they previously made Ramadan shopping with their smartphones directly from a mobile ad and 61% of them state that if the product is relevant for them, they would consider purchasing a product or service on their mobile device directly from an advertisement.

Obvious power of in-app shopping. — 59% of the respondents state that they will use mobile applications while shopping on their mobile devices during Ramadan.

About the Study
Ramadan Survey distributed in Azerbaijan to get a better insight on consumers’ behavior and preferences during Ramadan season. The survey asked about mobile games, shopping preferences, and smartphone usage. Respondents’ ages ranged from 16 to 75 and were typically aged 25 to 44.

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