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Creative Showcase ActiveX

Creative Showcase: Evyap Activex Augmented Reality Campaign

Posted May 6, 2021

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the engaging Activex Augmented Reality campaign in Turkey. The well-known Evyap brand, the pioneer of hygiene, shaving, and personal care products in Turkey, sought to promote its Activex Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel. Especially in these hygiene demanding days, they wanted to provide effective protection of hands against COVID-19 virus through the power of mobile advertising. With AdColony’s impeccable Augmented Reality and Dynamic End Card technologies, Evyap uplifted its purchase intent and brand awareness accordingly, by giving consequence to the accessibility of mobile advertising to increase engagement rates and time spent with target audiences in Turkey.

About the Campaign

While there’s no time like the present for hand sanitizers, antibacterial gels, and alcohol solutions, Evyap accelerated its Activex promotion by relying on the creative execution of mobile advertising. As a brand paying strict attention and care to the use of natural resources in its innovative projects, Evyap couldn’t sit back and miss out on the opportunity of mobile advertising while the competition in the industry is increasing day by day. For Activex Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, the main focus was to highlight how antimicrobial sanitizers work against both bacteria and viruses. Accordingly, AdColony set the structure of its technology for Activez to win the war against the bacteria and viruses during the pandemic period that we are in with its Augmented Reality technology. 

How did it work?

Evyap collaborated with AdColony to run a video ad campaign about the powerful effects of its hand sanitizer Activex. AdColony assisted with this campaign to increase the ad recall and brand consideration by targeting the potential audiences in Turkey. The creative gamification structure of AdColony’s impeccable Augmented Reality technology brought interactivity and gave audiences the opportunity to destroy viruses and bacterias in the reflection of their cameras by touching the Activex bottle on their screen.

Thanks to AdColony’s Gamification execution, the campaign captivated mobile gamers. After capturing their attention, audiences were invited to purchase the Activex Activex Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ CTA,  and were also prompted  to learn more about Evyap’s products.

Why did it work?

Thanks to the Augmented Reality execution, the audiences have been informed about the features of Activex, especially its destroying effect on the bacterias at a very high rate. The Augmented Reality provided a great experience by being more interactive and drawing attention to possible bacterias in our environment. The attention has been increased and captured a 42% engagement rate on Dynamic End Card which is 14 times higher than its 3% benchmark! The campaign also had an 84% Augmented Reality engagement rate which is also well above the 60% benchmark. In addition, the most engaged action was destroying the bacterias by tapping on Activex!

Targeted audiences’ attention and perception for the campaign was also measured with Nielsen’s certificated Brand Study. On the Ad Recall question, the campaign reached a 39% uplift rate which shows that the users who watched the ad on AdColony remembered the ad even after two weeks. Also, on the Message Association question about the highlighted product features, even though all features had uplift rates, “Does not leave a sticky feeling” had the highest rate with 87%. In addition, “Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria” got the most voted answer, which means this option also had a remarkable uplift rate.

Thanks to A.R., the campaign achieved great brand awareness by showing the Activex effect on the bacterias appearing on the phone screen while destroying them. Finally, on the Brand Consideration question, Activex succeeded with a 13% uplift rate which indicates that the campaign has affected users’ tendency to prefer Activex highly as their next sanitizer among the other brands. 

About Evyap
EVYAP is responsible for a significant number of the soap and personal care product exports from Turkey and transports its name to more than 100 countries. Besides the world’s biggest oleo chemicals facility established in Malaysia in addition to other plants located in Turkey and Egypt, Evyap runs its production operations in three different countries worldwide and in accordance with European standards. Comprising many major brands such as Duru, Arko Men, Arko Nem, Evy Baby, Fax, and Activex, Evyap has been awarded to participate in the Turquality program with its Duru and Arko brands in 2006. Further, Evyap operates Evyapport, Turkey’s fourth-biggest private port which corners the market in the International arena.

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