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Mobile Monday: Brazilian Mobile Game Market to Earn $2.3 Billion, Simulation Games Continue Growth in U.S.

Posted May 16, 2021

Mobile is a huge and ever-changing business that can be hard to keep up with. That’s why we recap the latest insights and news in the industry on a weekly basis. In this week’s edition, we share Newzoo’s updated forecast of the games market in Brazil as it stands to earn $2.3 billion this year. Meanwhile, GameRefinery analyzed mobile game genres and revealed which ones are rising and which are declining. Want more details? Read on for this week’s Mobile Monday!

RPG and Strategy Games Show Slight Decline in China

In their Q1 2021 Market Snapshot Report, GameRefinery indicated that the mobile games market in Q1 2021 looked very similar to Q4 2020, but there were some notable shifts taking place. After examining genres, the analytics company saw that RPG and strategy games are not as dominant as they once were in China. In Japan, a similar trend is occurring as RPG market share has had a slight but measurable decline. In China and Japan, sports and shooter games were on the rise during the quarter, respectively. Meanwhile, puzzle games stayed on top while simulation games gained ground in the U.S.

Looking at publisher performance, GameRefinery found that Roblox’s further solidified its dominance in the U.S. as it surpassed Playrix and King. After a successful launch, Magic Tavern is also doing well while Uma MusumePretty Derby shot up to the Japanese charts. The Cygames title earned a decent-sized audience with its multimedia franchise that spans mobile, PC, TV, and Manga. The report also noted that the trending feature in the U.S. was Collectibles albums. The feature’s popularity increased 14% during the past year in the top-grossing 100 games in the U.S.

Mobile Will Accelerate Brazilian Games Market to Earn $2.3 billion

Newzoo recently updated their market forecast for the Brazilian games market and revealed that total revenue will hit $2.3 billion this year in the country. Out of this total, mobile is believed to account for $1.1 billion. That figure represents an outstanding 47% increase over the previous year. Console gaming will make up 29% and earn an estimated $657 million, while PC contributes 29% with the remaining $556 million. Newzoo believes that the acceleration of mobile in the market is due to more advanced hardware, the improvement of global infrastructure, and the platform becoming the primary gaming device for certain demographics.

Last year, Brazil was the 13th largest video game market globally and the second in Latin America. Newzoo’s recent forecast makes the country the top market in Latin America and also moves it up to the 12th spot globally. Brazil’s population is currently at approximately 213 billion and its online population is expecting to rise to 160 million. The number of mobile gamers in the country will also rise and is predicted to reach 95 million. Additionally, battle royale is the highest-grossing genre for the region.

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