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Gordon's Gin Creative-Showcase

Creative Showcase: Gordon’s Gin

Posted May 20, 2021

Gordon’s Gin wanted to bring people together and create a magical, virtual event with their livestream concerts that would feature six different artists. In order to generate awareness of their upcoming concerts, Gordon’s Gin partnered with AdColony to create an interactive Dynamic End Card that would encourage the target audience to get tickets to the concert and engage with Gordon’s Gin by “pouring” themselves a glass of Gordon’s. This innovative campaign increased engagement for Gordon’s Gin and led to outstanding results following the ad implementation. 

About the Campaign

Gordon’s Gin wanted to bring concerts back to life for its South African audience by introducing six live stream shows that viewers could enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. The focus of these shows were to bring the magic of a live concert to the audience while in-person gatherings are restricted. In order to raise awareness of these concerts, Gordon’s Gin looked to advertising in mobile games and working with AdColony to develop a Dynamic End Card for the ad that would engage the target audience. 

How it Worked

A campaign was created that would showcase clips of the artists performing at the live shows and how these events would bring a fun, concert experience to an individual’s home. At the end of the reel, the audience was enticed to “pour” themselves a glass of Gordon’s Gin. Users were able to tilt their mobile devices and see their glass fill up with the Gordon’s Gin, simulating the actual experience of pouring a drink. In addition, the action reminded viewers to buy tickets to the upcoming virtual concerts by tapping on “Buy Now.” Also, there was an “Add to Calendar” call to action button that would ensure that consumers would remember the important show dates and be able to add the event directly to their own calendars. 

Campaign Results 

Utilizing AdColony’s innovative technology and campaign strategy, Gordon’s Gin was able to receive an engagement rate for the Dynamic End Card of 10.4%, which is much higher than the benchmark of 3%. In addition, the MOAT Valid and Viewable Rate was 94.67%, up from the benchmark of 29.2%. Similarly, the MOAT Video Played In-View Rate was 95.34%, up from the benchmark of 46.3%. Lastly, Gordon’s Gin was able to achieve a 62% unique completed view rate. 

When analyzing the overall ad experience, the most engaged feature was the phone tilting to “pour” a glass of Gordon’s Gin as 95% of the audience tilted their phones to fill their glass when prompted, making this feature the most engaged item on the Dynamic End Card. This campaign was able to create awareness for Gordon’s Gin and their magical, virtual concerts.

In addition to their concerts, Gordon’s Gin created a Gordon’s Gin Interactive Zoom Room and live cocktail mixing experience. This campaign was able to bring awareness of their event that allowed for connection between consumers and artists alike in a new form of entertainment. By utilizing AdColony’s engaging Dynamic End Card and innovative campaign in order to reach the target audience, Gordon’s Gin was able to create an experience that would resonate with their target audience, bring awareness of their virtual concerts, and increase engagement for Gordon’s Gin.  

About Gordon’s Gin

Gordon’s Gin was created by Alexander Gordon with the intention of creating a gin with the finest ingredients. Gordon’s started in Southwark, London in 1769. Today, it is known as the world’s best selling gin. The high juniper content in Gordon’s Gin has made Gordon’s known as the “ginniest” of gins. 

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