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Mobile App User Behavior & Privacy Research 2021 – APAC Highlights

Posted May 25, 2021

As featured last week, AdColony conducted its Mobile App User Behavior & Privacy Research (USA) to find out how users respond to the mobile app advertising ecosystem and their behaviors and preferences when it comes to app privacy. App users in APAC countries are very unique country by country. We asked users in four major countries in APAC — China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, how willing they are to share their device data, if they were aware that data is only used for relevant ads, what kind of ads they’d like to see in apps, and how important it is to see relevant ads. They were also asked when they want to see the opt-in message, which will give app developers an idea on the right timing for the opt-in message.

Read on for highlights from the survey and scroll down to see the infographic!

Research Highlights

  • Mobile users prefer free apps with ads over IAP across APAC — Over 70% of respondents prefer free apps with ads over an in-app purchase with no ads in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, and 56% in China. Although spending in mobile apps has gone up in the past year, consumers would still rather not pay for them if given the choice.
  • Preferred ads in apps vary by age and by country — The ads users want to see are different by age and country. While Gen Z in Japan & Korea prefer gaming app ads, entertainment & shopping apps were more wanted in China & Vietnam. Additionally, nearly half of respondents say that it’s important to see ads that are relevant to them.
  • The majority of users are willing to share their device data with apps for relevant ads — Over 80% of respondents said they were willing to share device data if it meant they could see ads that would interest them; in China (87%) and Vietnam (83%). This number is much higher than some of the reported ATT opt-in rates. The figures in Japan (57%) and Korea (58%) are still higher than the U.S. (46%). People seem to be more willing to share their device data than expected.
  • Consumers may know more than you think when it comes to device data — The misconception is that users will say ‘no’ when an app asks to track them because they don’t want sensitive data leaked. However, the survey revealed that the majority of users are aware that device data will be only used to optimize users’ in-app experience —Vietnam (94%), China (74%), Japan (73%), and Korea (60%). 
  • Users want clarity on the usage of device data within apps — While users are optimistic about sharing device data with apps, it’s clear that they want to find out how their device data is being used within apps — Vietnam (96%), China (91%), Korea (77%), and Japan (73%). It’s important for apps to share the details.

Check out the infographics below for more great insight, and don’t forget to click on the infographics to open it in full size!

China (EN)China (ZH)Japan (EN)Japan (JA)
Korea (EN)Korea (KO)Vietnam (EN)Vietnam (VI)

About the Research

Mobile App User Behavior & Privacy Research reached mobile app users across Asia-Pacific, including China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. It asked questions regarding their mobile ads behavior & preferences, and their views on mobile app privacy. 

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