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M&S Creative-Showcase

Creative Showcase: Marks & Spencer

Posted Jul 8, 2021

Marks & Spencer, a multinational retailer, was looking to increase awareness and downloads of their Sparks program and app that offer special rewards and perks for members. In order to achieve this goal, Marks & Spencer partnered with AdColony to create a campaign that would allow for engagement with their target audience within the landscape of mobile games. Through this campaign, Marks & Spencer was able to achieve their goals and receive stupendous results with engagement and views of their brand and Sparks program.   

About the Campaign

Marks & Spencer had the goal of updating their Sparks card customers and converting them to using the Marks & Spencer app that contains more perks for their customers in the United Kingdom. In order to achieve this goal, Marks & Spencer decided to utilize the power of mobile advertising and work with AdColony to generate a campaign. The goal of this campaign was to make consumers aware of the new advantages, perks, and convenience of being a Sparks member and using the Sparks app. 

How it Worked

In order to generate awareness and installs of the Marks & Spencer app, a Dynamic End Card was created that allowed users to understand and engage with all the offers that Marks & Spencer brings to its customers. The audience could discover the treats, thank yous, charity donations, and more that come from the Sparks program. 

Campaign Results

By utilizing this “sparkly” concept to promote the Sparks app, Marks & Spencer was able to see an engagement rate for the Dynamic End Card (DEC) of 11.4%, which is much higher than the benchmark of 3%. The unique DEC engagement rate was also above the benchmark with a rate of 60% compared to the benchmark of 25%. With these engagement rates, it is clear that Marks & Spencer was able to capture audience attention and interest by allowing them to interact with the brand in this mobile experience. What’s more, Marks & Spencer received a 54% unique completed view rate and a 92% video completion rate, up from the benchmark of 80%. Within the campaign itself, the feature with the highest engagement was the “Install the App” button, which accounted for 70% of all engagements. Following this feature in terms of top engagement, the hotspot, “the little thank you,” interested the audience as they were able to choose to view the new Sparks perks within this hotspot. 

In addition to the high engagement and views reported from this campaign, the results of the Nielsen Brand Lift study also highlighted the success of this campaign. From this study, it was concluded that this campaign drove over 77% uplift for Sparks’ active, non-app users, meaning both awareness and adoption of the Sparks app was achieved. Also, this study allowed Marks & Spencer to communicate with their customers directly in order to better understand what features and perks they would prefer from the Sparks program.    

About Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is an international retail company that started in 1884 and still maintains its headquarters in London, England. They focus on selling clothing, food, and home products that are from a variety of different labels, including their own.   

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