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Mobile Gaming Mothers Research – Highlights from EMEA & LATAM

Posted Jul 26, 2021

As mobile gaming expands its borders, being a mobile gamer is now firmly becoming the tech-culture of society all around the world. Mobile gaming shows no sign of slowing in a world where connectivity is increasingly driven by smartphone experiences. While imagining a gamer, the first image that comes to mind is a young, male player which is a stereotype that is fusty enough and doesn’t reveal the full spectrum of mobile gamers today.

In fact, globally, a huge and significant portion of gamers are unexpectedly mothers. While women gamers, and especially moms, have been written out of the narrative they typically focus on their mobile phones for gaming.

To better understand mobile gaming mothers, AdColony conducted global research in partnership with independent research company GlobalWebIndex, among 16-45+ aged women who have at least one child. The main purpose was to understand mobile gaming mothers, including their attitudes and behaviors while exploring the opportunities to engage with them. The research in this space has revealed a distinct set of insights globally that extends across the mobile gaming vertical, as well as their sphere of moods, unique behaviors, and habits. 

Let’s deep dive into mothers’ mobile gaming habits, purchasing power, role purchasing decisions, and explore how mobile gaming mothers are differentiating from others. Don’t forget to download the full Mobile Gaming Mothers Research report to get all the insights!

Highlights from EMEA & LATAM

Mothers have gaming behavior – Mothers do not hesitate to play mobile games even if most of them have more than one child which is generally newborns. While the majority of mobile gaming mothers (45%) are 45+ years old, 41% of them have two children, and mostly (44%) their child is 0-5 years old.

Smartphones are the top device of mothers for gaming – We see that, like all people, smartphones are the first choice of mothers to play games. 73% of mothers state that they prefer smartphones to play games, followed by personal PC/laptop (51%), game consoles (49%), and tablet devices (34%).

Mothers spend hours in a single session multiple times a day – 28% of mothers state that they play games on their smartphones multiple times a day. Also, 22% of them spend 30-60 minutes on their smartphones to play games in a single session.

Gamer mothers believe that entertainment improves their mood – Mothers prefer to play mobile games to have fun at the intense pace of their daily lives. While 45% of them play games for fun 33% state that they feel relaxed when playing mobile games. Mothers use their spare time to play games, 38% of them play games when on break, 38% before going to sleep, and 32% play games while waiting for something.

Puzzle games are the favorite genre of mothers – Mothers usually prefer mind games, which means they like to push the boundaries of thinking while playing games. 38% of them prefer puzzle games, while 33% favor strategy games, and 29% like word games.

Mothers are decision-makers on their purchases – While 53% of mothers state that they are the sole decision-maker on major purchases, 77% of them are the sole decision-maker on minor purchases for their households.

All roads lead to online shopping – 86% of mothers state that they shopped online in the past six months and 37% of them intend to do online shopping in the next six months. Additionally, 39% of mothers prefer to shop in-app while shopping online because 23% of them consider it more convenient.

Mothers take action after seeing an ad – 41% of mothers state that they read the reviews of the products, 38% of them visit the brand’s website and 37% of them would click on the ad.

Ad relevance triggers mothers’ purchasing intentions – 52% state that if the product/brand was relevant to them it would increase their intention to purchase directly from an ad on their smartphones.

About the Study
To better understand the mobile gaming mothers, AdColony, in partnership with independent research company GlobalWebIndex, conducted global research among 16-45+-year-old women who have at least one child.
The main purpose was to understand mobile gaming mothers, including their attitudes and behaviors while exploring the opportunities to engage with them.

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