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Success Story Sprite

Creative Showcase: Sprite

Posted Aug 12, 2021

Sprite, a leading soft drink for The Coca-Cola company, was looking to increase brand awareness of their new packaging in the South African region. In order to engage with their target audience, Sprite worked with AdColony to create a fun, interactive campaign that would increase brand awareness and time spent with Sprite. With this campaign, Sprite was able to reach outstanding engagement and view rates while also increasing brand recall.

About the Campaign

Sprite was looking to introduce their new packaging to the South African audience, but they wanted to do so in a way that would be engaging and fun for their audience. With that intention in mind, Sprite partnered with AdColony to create an interactive Dynamic End Card that would bring awareness to their new look with their audience and encourage more brand connection and conversion.

How it Worked

In order to increase brand awareness and engagement, an exciting mobile video was created that showcased the new Sprite bottle. After the video, AdColony created a Dynamic End Card that would pop up and invite the audience to “wipe away” the old bottle in order to see the new one. Users got to engage with the content and see the Sprite bottle change by wiping away the old bottle. Also, users could tap the bottle to go back and forth between the new and old packaging. In addition to this engaging feature, the Dynamic End Card included the option for users to click a “Buy Now” button which would allow them to purchase the product directly. By including this button, Sprite was able to increase the time spent between their brand and target audience and directly affect key KPIs. 

Campaign Results

This bubbly campaign was extremely successful as it was able to engage with the audience and increase brand awareness. There was a unique completed view rate of 89%, and the Dynamic End Card engagement rate was 17.6%, which is up from the benchmark of 10%. What’s more, the unique DEC engagement rate was 34%, up from the benchmark of 25%. In addition to the engagement and view rates that were calculated, the IAS TRAQ (True Advertising Quality) score was determined to be 850, which is over 200 points more than the benchmark of 600. 

When looking at the most engaged feature, the “wipe away” feature of the Dynamic End Card was the most loved as 84% of the overall DEC came from this unique feature. This feature greatly helped Sprite and this campaign reach an engagement rate that is above the benchmark and interact with their target audience. 

The audience that Sprite was able to reach with this campaign was highly interested in this creative video and Dynamic End Card. By noting that 89% of the audience that completed the video was unique, it is understood that Sprite was able to maximize reach and target the right audience with this campaign. Furthermore, this engaged audience also spent an additional 8.4 seconds on the Dynamic End Card, even after the 30-second video, creating more earned media for Sprite. 

In addition to these results, the campaign was also measured in a Nielsen Certificated Brand Uplift study. From this study, it was deduced that there was a 6% uplift in Brand Recall, which indicates that this campaign was successful in increasing brand awareness for Sprite among the target audience in South Africa. The interactive campaign was able to showcase Sprite’s new packaging and bring the refreshing, lemon-lime flavor to life in a way that allowed Sprite to engage with their audience and create connections.     

About Sprite

Sprite is a carbonated, lemon-lime flavored soft drink that was created by The Coca-Cola company in 1959 in West Germany. It is one of the four leading brands for The Coca-Cola company.  

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