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AdColonized: Getting to Know Sandra Abinader

Posted Aug 18, 2021

Meet Sandra Abinader, a Manager of Accounts Payable, working out of our San Mateo office! Sandra loves spending time with her family and exploring outdoor activities. She currently speaks three languages, English, Arabic, and French, and is also learning Spanish! In the next few years, Sandra is looking forward to planning a trip with her family to Lebanon and Mexico — the places where she and her husband were born. Get to know her better in this week’s AdColonized employee spotlight!

What exactly does a Manager of Accounts Payable do at AdColony? What’s an average day like for you?

An Accounts Payable Manager at AdColony oversees the relationship of vendors and publishers and ensures payments are made in a timely fashion.

Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining AdColony and how they have prepared you for your role here.

I have been employed with AdColony for almost six years. I have a bachelor’s degree in business accounting and finance from Cal State University East Bay. Prior to my employment at AdColony, I was the Accounts Payable Supervisor at a photography products and image sharing company that has an equal volume of publishers and accounts. Through self-motivation and access to qualified mentors, I gained the experience that prepared me for the position I hold today.

What makes AdColony the right fit for you?

At AdColony, I’m able to pursue career advancement while fulfilling my duties as a full-time mother. The flexibility in scheduling and the opportunities the company offers to their employees is what attracted me to it. I have been with AdColony for almost six years. I’m continuously learning more about other departments, and I am taking on more responsibilities and duties.

AdColony values employee development. How do you keep growing and learning in what you do?

Before the pandemic, I was attending in-person classes/seminars for management and accounting. For the past year, I have been attending online classes through Fred Pryor to stay up-to-date on current affairs.

How do you act as a resource for the rest of your team?

I make myself available to my teammates and customers through emails, phone calls, and live chat. I adjust my schedule to meet international vendor needs and to be available for early morning or late evening meetings. 

Is there someone you turn to personally or professionally?

Professionally: I can reach out to my manager Robin Wright for guidance, advice, and support.

Personally: I would have to say my husband, he always has the voice of reason. I trust his opinion and seek his guidance as he’s able to look at situations from a different perspective.

Many global AdColony employees are still working from home. Do you have any work-from-home tips for success you can share?

The best advice I can give is stick to your routine, dedicate a space in the house just for work, and step away from your desk for lunch or a break.

What are your hobbies or activities that you look forward to doing on the weekends or after work?

On the weekend I enjoy spending time with my family and my two kids. We try to keep the kids (2 and a half year old boy and a 6 month old girl) busy with outdoor activities (park, walks, and swimming lessons). My “me time” lately consists of gardening and learning how to cook.

Which app is keeping you engaged lately? Why?

Instagram and Facebook because they keep me connected with family and friends.

Tell us one or two fun facts about you.

I speak three languages, Arabic, French, and English, and I communicate with my family using all three, sometimes in the same sentence. I am currently learning Spanish. 

What is your favorite moment you’ve had with the AdColony team so far?

I have made so many great memories with my coworkers at AdColony. More recently when I was pregnant, the team managed to surprise me with a virtual baby shower celebration during the pandemic, and that made my day. The team went above and beyond to show their love and support for my growing family, and that was very touching.

What are you listening to lately (music, podcasts, etc.)?

I usually listen to Arabic music while working.

What are you looking forward to most in the next 5 years?

We have been cooped up in the house because of the pandemic and a new baby, so we are looking forward to planning a family vacation where the kids will see their parents’ places of birth (Lebanon and Mexico).

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