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Success Story Converse

Creative Showcase: Converse

Posted Aug 26, 2021

Converse, an American shoe and apparel company, was looking to reach their youthful target audience in South Africa. In order to create a successful campaign, Converse partnered with AdColony and developed a gamified, interactive ad experience that would bring outstanding engagement rates, time spent with the brand, uplift, and more for Converse.  

About the Campaign

Converse was looking to create a fun, engaging campaign that would reach a younger target audience in South Africa, so they partnered up with AdColony in order to make a mobile gaming experience within the campaign that would leave a lasting impression on the intended audience. In order to increase time spent with the brand, Converse did not want just any ordinary ad, but rather a whole experience that would engage with the viewers.  

How it Worked

In order to create this impactful experience, an ad unit was developed that would utilize gamification within the video in order to engage with the audience. The audience was prompted to play a game where they would be able to choose a specific Converse sneaker to use to ride a skateboard through the streets of Jozi. Live video footage was used to create this virtual experience, and users would navigate through the city on the skateboard, dodging pantsula crates, which is unique to South African culture.    

Campaign Results

Thanks to the outstanding campaign execution with the gamified video and Dynamic End Card, AdColony and Converse were able to achieve stupendous results. This campaign was extremely valuable for Converse as they were able to reach a 244% Dynamic End Card engagement rate, which is a huge increase from the benchmark of 25%. In addition, the MOAT in view measurable rate was 98%, up from the 97.5% benchmark. Even more, the MOAT valid and viewable rate was 94%, which is more than double the benchmark of 40%. The video completion rate was 75%, an increase from the benchmark of 70%. 

Within the campaign, users were able to tilt their mobile device in order to move the skateboard out of the way from the obstacles in the street. This feature made a big impact for the campaign, as the engagement rate of 244% was almost 10 times the gamification Dynamic End Card benchmark! After this feature, 42% of the engagements came from users hitting the obstacles in the streets of Jozi, and 58% came from the users successfully avoiding those obstacles in order to increase their scores. What’s more, the Gallery and Choose Your Sneaker features combined added to the engagement and time spent with the Dynamic End Card by adding 14% to the engagement rate. 

With this interactive campaign, Converse was able to reach a wide audience through mobile games. They reached over one million impressions, and more than 800,000 users in the target audience completed the video. With that, 771,000 completions were from unique users.

In addition to these outstanding results, a Nielsen Brand Uplift study was conducted, and from the ad recall question, it was discovered that there was a 41% uplift rate. This indicates that users who watched and engaged with this Converse ad with AdColony were significantly more likely to remember the brand and engage with Converse even after a two week period. What’s more, when looking at purchase intent, there was a 43% uplift, indicating that users who viewed this campaign were much more likely to convert and make a purchase with Converse. Lastly, when looking at message association, there was a 10% uplift, meaning that the campaign successfully conveyed the intended message to the target audience.   

About Converse

Converse is an American shoe company that specializes in designing and selling sneakers in addition to footwear, accessories, and apparel. They were founded in 1908 and have been a subsidiary of Nike since 2003. 

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