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Creative Showcase: Axe

Posted Sep 30, 2021

In this Creative Showcase, Axe wanted to bring awareness and engagement to their new deodorant which was prepared with their brand new dual-action technology. In order to create interaction with their target audience, Axe partnered with AdColony and their highly engaging Gamification ad format. With this format, Axe targeted consumers who played a game by tapping on the screen and tried to collect items. With this unique ad format and AdColony’s innovative technology, Axe was able to receive high engagement, completion rates, viewable and authentic rates, and more that were high above the benchmark.

About the Campaign

One of the biggest key players in the FMCG industry, Unilever wanted to launch their brand Axe’s new Dual Action deodorant by using the undeniable power of mobile games. Axe was interested in reaching consumers in Turkey to bring awareness to their revolutionary new Dual Action technology that fights odor, leaving you smelling irresistible. An iconic brand like Axe did not want just any ordinary ad, but rather create a whole experience that would invite the viewers to engage with their products through the Dynamic End Card and increase time spent with the brand.

How it Worked

To create a highly user-experienced campaign and increase the brand experience, Axe decided to use AdColony’s gamification technology. After watching the pre-roll video, Axe invited the audience to play the Axe game by clicking the “Play Game” CTA button on the Dynamic End Card and gave them a chance to collect all the different varieties of Axe deodorant from chocolate to pear, from tangerine to cedar through the game and earn a special deal. Users could control the actions in the game by tapping on the screen to make the game character jump and collect the items. While creating awareness around the product range of Axe Deodorants, the campaign achieved mind-blowing results and ultimately influenced the brand’s targeted audience.

Campaign Results

Thanks to the outstanding Gamification execution on the Dynamic End Card, Axe received a 54,1% Dynamic End Card engagement rate which more than doubled its original 25% gamification benchmark. While the game received more than 712.000 engagements, more than 186.000 of those came from unique users which resulted in a 26% Unique Dynamic End Card engagement rate compared to the 25% benchmark. The most collected item was Axe pear with 28% engagements followed by “Tap Jump ” with 27%. In addition, the DoubleVerify Video Viewable rate reached 98% compared to the 82% benchmark.

The campaign achieved an amazing 88.79% Video Completion rate compared to its 80% benchmark. With more than 1.4 million impressions and 1.3 million completed views, it is all clear that Axe ultimately captured its target audience and achieved its goal.

The results of the campaign were also measured by Nielsen certificated Brand Study On Relationship Rank question, Axe achieved a 30% uplift on the answer “Extremely Good” which shows that the users are ranking the Axe products higher after watching the advertising video. On Message Association question, 21.89% uplift rate shows that the campaign has increased the brand’s product recognition among the target audience, thanks to the gamification Dynamic End Card execution highlighting the product range. On Brand Consideration Question, 9.4% uplift rate indicates that the campaign has affected users’ tendency towards Axe products, which was already ranked higher compared to the competitors.

About Axe 

For over 34 years, we’ve helped guys look, feel and smell their most attractive. Men across the globe in over 90 countries reach for Axe – also known as Lynx in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and China – to start their day.

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