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Partner Spotlight: AdMixer

Posted Oct 7, 2021

Since 2008, AdMixer has been a strong platform in the adtech space for bringing together advertisers and media owners. As a product company that offers top of the line technology and expertise, AdMixer works with over 3,500 clients all over the world by providing a DSP, SSP, SDK, Header Bidding, and more. In addition, AdMixer works in-house to provide inventory and audience management for brands, and on the other hand, they also manage programmatic deals, media buying, and more for some of the biggest media agencies.

We caught up with our friends at AdMixer to learn more about what they offer, their outlook on the future of the mobile industry, and their plan for the next few years. Get to know them better!

Why did your company enter the mobile programmatic space in the first place?

AdMixer’s full-blown entry into the programmatic marketplace started in 2016, with the launch of our SSP. We represented big publishers in the East European region and aspired to provide them with the CPM and fill rates of the global demand. Since then, we’ve been a sustainable partner for in-app monetization, safeguarding and enriching traffic with additional data, and making it competitive on the international scale. 

What services does your company provide to mobile advertisers? 

We monetize apps with almost no entry barriers, we’re talking apps that achieved 1K installs. We provide a connection to our SSP with oRTB, VAST tags, and our proprietary SDK. We provide suggestions on the best ad formats and scan the creatives for any non-brand safe content with our in-house anti-fraud systems and through a partnership with the Media Trust.

How do your services make life easier for mobile advertisers?

Admixer.SSP provides real-time statistics and a clear view of the eСPMs, bid rates, bidders, and best-performing ad placements.

We leverage private marketplaces, programmatic deals, and access to 100+ top DSPs, direct advertisers, and agencies to sell the audience segment of our partners to the most interested parties. 

Why is it important for publishers and advertisers to utilize services such as yours?

Admixer.SSP provides unique demand for audience segments from geos that frequently demonstrate poor yield with the mainstream monetizers. We are able to provide that demand with our seamless connection to the global programmatic market and the large pool of direct advertisers from CEE. 

App publishers can configure our SDK to fit the needs of particular apps and their audiences. It may be a primary SDK for the app but shows ads from other monetizers through mediation. App publishers can plug in several SDKs as additional demand partners. Our SDK integrates with Open Measurement SDK to enhance tracking and viewability measurement of mobile in-app ads.

What is the number one example of your tools/services enabling mobile advertiser success?

Through Admixer.DSP advertisers can enter private marketplaces and get access to inventory from niche and direct publishers, as well as delegated deals from apps, sites, and networks built on AdMixer technology. We can also leverage a direct connection to publishers with a code of the ad space or header bidding adapter for advertisers’ needs.

Where do you see mobile heading in the short term (2-3 years) and long term (5 years and longer)?

In the next couple of years, most mobile advertising players will try to stay on top of increasingly untraceable audiences. This will require enriching data and establishing partnerships with clients, vendors, and big data owners to cross-reference audiences, add additional identifiers, and build user graphs to get measurable ROI and LTVs. In the long term, mobile advertising will move from 1-to-1 identification towards more privacy-friendly alternatives.

How do you see the shift from traditional forms of entertainment and utility (TV and desktop usage) to a more mobile-focused world impacting companies that use your services?

We thrive in this environment, there are no doubts about it. Since the time spent on apps reached four hours at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, our inventory is one of the most sought-after among advertisers. Also, the delayed phase-out of 3rd party cookies reassured advertisers in the web segment, so we are not worried about the CPM drop of our web partners. 

What industry trend or development are you most excited about in the near term, and why?

Nowadays, people own more consumer electronic devices than in any previous decade: smartphones, tablets, CTV devices, etc. With an omnichannel approach, advertisers can comprehensively reach all these devices. Programmatic adtech allows them to streamline ads, and at the same time, track better, predict customer behavior, and achieve maximum effect by serving ads in the right medium and at the right time. 

Company Culture

How big is your team, and how would you describe them? 

Our team consists of around 250 relentless adtech professionals, including veterans of media buying and adtech development. Our HQ is located in London, and our development and marketing teams are based in Kyiv. We have offices in Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Germany.

AdMixer2 - group photo

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