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Creative Showcase: Frisian Flag 123

Posted Oct 28, 2021

Frisian Flag, one of the leading manufacturers of dairy-based products for children in Indonesia, faced several major challenges for its Frisian Flag 123 milk variant.

Frisian Flag 123, made for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years old, struggled to penetrate the middle-income market – Indonesia’s largest socio-economic segment – due to stiff competition. There was low brand consideration due to a lack of awareness and inconsistent brand communication. Frisian Flag lacked a strong brand proposition to communicate to consumers – a huge disadvantage as competitors were consistent with their messaging. The lack of communication with consumers in a highly competitive category resulted in low retention and poor brand loyalty among existing users.

In order to address all these challenges, Frisian Flag partnered with AdColony to launch a nationwide campaign to increase brand awareness and engagement, as well as to drive an uplift in brand consideration.

About the Campaign

Brand research revealed most young mothers know very little about the “growing-up milk” category: very few research or read nutritional labels before making a choice, and they rely heavily on recommendations from other mothers. As such, Frisian Flag 123 needed its communications to be simple, easy to understand, and a whole lot of fun. The brand wanted a campaign surrounding its adorable mascot, Ian the Giraffe, to communicate Frisian Flag 123 as the growing-up milk of choice for parents who want their kids to grow tall and healthy.

The brand also wanted to deliver this message on mobile – where Indonesian Millennial parents spend most of their time – and wanted to do it in a novel and engaging way with Frisian Flag 123 standing out while enabling parents to have fun with their kids. Leveraging AR and facial gesture recognition technology to create a unique customer experience on mobile, a highly interactive mobile game was created that allowed the audience to interact with Frisian Flag’s mascot, Ian the Giraffe, in real-time.

AR proved to be a game-changer for the Frisian Flag 123 “Catch to Grow” AR mobile campaign. Through filming themselves using their phone camera, users helped Ian grow taller with every Frisian Flag 123 milk droplet they caught using their mouths. With AR in their arsenal, Frisian Flag 123 was able to deliver its key message by making use of smart gamification in an engaging way that left users feeling happy and more aware of the brand’s benefits!

How did it work?

The Frisian Flag 123 “Catch to Grow” AR mobile campaign was successful in delivering the message that they are the top choice for parents who want their kids to grow taller and healthier. The bespoke AR-powered gamified mobile unit opened with an interstitial banner showing Ian the Giraffe in a meadow. In Bahasa, the ad delivered the message: “Do you want to get taller like Ian the Giraffe? Catch the milk with your mouth!”

Enabling the user to become a character in the game instead of playing a fictitious one created a really immersive experience as the user interacted personally with the brand. The ad used AR and facial gesture recognition technology to create the interactive experience. Players were encouraged to ‘catch’ the Frisian Flag 123 milk droplets using their mouths in 30 seconds, and with every droplet caught, Ian the Giraffe grew visibly taller. This effectively delivered the message that drinking Frisian Flag 123 enables young kids like Ian to grow taller and healthier, all while being fun and interactive.

Once the game ended, an end card invited users to play again or learn more about the brand by visiting their website, to encourage more interactions and educate the audience further.

Campaign Results

More than ever, marketing is being driven by the wants and needs of the consumer. As new technologies like AR become more common, consumers expect brands to keep up with the trends by delivering dynamic experiences. By leveraging AR to engage and deliver a pleasant experience to its target audience, Frisian Flag 123 was able to raise brand awareness and consideration, while standing out in a highly competitive and saturated category where brands are still inclined to deploy various traditional marketing tactics to retain customers as well.

The highly interactive AR-powered mobile unit garnered a fantastic engagement rate of 81% – higher than the industry benchmark of 60%. Click through rates were at a high of 4.6%, more than double the industry benchmark of 1-2%, indicating that users were very interested to learn more. It also exceeded the target KPI for impressions of 8 million by 1 million, with the total hours spent on the ad by all users at 17,196 hours.

All in all, the campaign contributed significantly to brand consideration and consumer retention through the power of effective mobile creative and the ubiquitous reach of mobile devices.

About Frisian Flag

PT Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI) is a dairy based nutrition company that produces and distributes nutritional products. Frisian Flag is also known locally as Susu Bendera. Frisian Flag Indonesia has been providing nutrition for Indonesian families since 1922. For more than 95 years in Indonesia, Frisian Flag has remained committed to helping Indonesian children achieve their potential through products with the best available nutrition. Ever since, Frisian Flag has remained the top choice for many Indonesians and established itself as a preferred brand for many Indonesian families.

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