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Uni Baby Creative Showcase Blog Header

Creative Showcase: Uni Baby

Posted Nov 4, 2021

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the engaging Uni Baby campaign in Turkey. With AdColony’s impeccable Dynamic End Card technology, Uni Baby raised product awareness and brand consideration with its target audiences.

About the Campaign

Turkey’s leading baby brand, Uni Baby, was inspired by mothers and the changing needs of babies in different growing stages. The entire product line spans from wipes to shampoo and detergent to correspond with the changing needs babies have with every developmental stage. To reach their target audience, Uni Baby looked to use the power of mobile advertising. The main focus of the campaign was to increase awareness about the product lines of Uni Baby. Moreover, the campaign aimed to give knowledge about what kind of developmental stages babies go through and what kind of essential needs they have in these stages.

Uni Baby’s products were crafted with great care and sensitivity to align with what a baby needs while growing up and prioritizes a baby’s sensitive skin in every product. Thus, Uni Baby promoted these unique products and partnered with AdColony to create an interactive mobile advertising campaign that allowed their target audiences to engage with the ad through AdColony’s Dynamic End Card technology.

How did it work?

Uni Baby collaborated with AdColony to run a video ad campaign about their newly launched baby product line which includes wet wipes, laundry detergent, and shampoo.

AdColony assisted this campaign to increase product awareness and brand consideration by targeting the right potential audiences in Turkey. The creative gamification structure of AdColony’s impeccable Dynamic End Card technology brought interactivity and allowed audiences to engage with the product lines of Uni Baby. The campaign successfully reached its target audience with a creative slider execution, where audiences could choose the preferred product that attracted them the most as the products were classified into different age groups. Audiences were able to touch the screen, choose the suitable age range that their baby falls into, and deeply dive into Uni Baby’s products to get to know them more.

AdColony’s informative and engaging gamification execution enabled us to capture mobile gamers’ attention. Also, via the discover button, Uni Baby was able to redirect consumers to their website. This case showed 240 bps higher CTR versus the FMCG benchmark.

Why did it work?

The Dynamic End Card execution helped Uni Baby to inform consumers about the Uni Baby products. The Dynamic End Card garnered more than 719K impressions, and the video completion rate reached 84% and exceeded its 80% benchmark. Uni Baby was able to increase the time spent on its campaign video via the Dynamic End Card. The DEC engagement rate of the campaign had a 17% rate and performed 700 bps higher than its benchmark! In terms of engagement breakdowns, this creative campaign had a rate 45% higher than other creatives.

To understand the campaign’s success, we initiated a Brand Lift Survey through a partnership with Nielsen. The campaign was measured for ad recall, brand consideration, and message association. There was a 13% uplift in terms of brand consideration, which indicates successful uplift compared to FMCG benchmarks. The differentiation of each stage for the babies’ growth via different color coding helped consumers to understand each stage significantly. Following that, Uni Baby saw a remarkable uplift of 9% on message association. The animations on this creative ad helped consumers to engage with each stage. Finally, ad recall increased by 5%, which indicates that those who watched the ad with AdColony were likely to remember the ad within two weeks following the campaign.

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