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Trust: The Key to a Successful Monetization Partnership

Posted Dec 2, 2021

There are many aspects to consider when developing or enhancing an in-app monetization strategy. Each publisher and app needs a carefully thought-out mix of tactics in order to achieve success. If you are wondering how the major app publishers are tackling monetization, look no further. 

AdColony and Fyber reached out to their clients to gain insights into strategies that work for them and what resources they use to achieve success. The Mobile App Monetization Survey revealed that partnerships are a key part of a solid monetization strategy. Here is what we learned directly from publishers on the importance of who they work with and the qualities they look for in an ad monetization partner:

More users mean more partners.

While many publishers only work with one or two partners, survey results showed that those with more than 500K DAU used more ad networks within their games or apps. In fact, 31% of them said they were using at least 10 ad networks. Furthermore, respondents reported having an average of 10 SDKs simultaneously in their apps versus 7 when all publishers are considered. With more users, publishers need to be mindful that it is not just about having more partners but also identifying those that will work in their best interest and help them maximize revenue. 

Publishers demonstrate the importance of strong relationships by how they monetize. 

The survey asked publishers how they monetize and most publishers turn to mediation platforms for their efficiency. However, many still value direct deals with agencies and ad networks. Partnering with ad networks or agencies allows for better service and optimization. Securing direct relationships and spend commitments can optimize monetization strategies and lead to higher eCPMs for inventory.

Trust and service are highly valued in partnerships.

What’s important to publishers when evaluating monetization partners? Well, it’s not all about the numbers! Publishers are looking for solid partnerships. Based on the weighted average of scores, trust and quality of service were among the highest-ranked qualities along with ad fill and eCPM for companies of all sizes. SDK size, ease of integration, and transparency ranked lowest.

Ultimately, relationships matter to publishers when it comes to monetization. Publishers prioritize strong relationships with monetization partners because of the results they bring. Many continue to work directly with ad networks despite the convenience of media platforms and trust is considered the most important quality of a partner for companies of all sizes. With trusted monetization partners on their side, developers can worry less about in-app ad revenue and focus more on bringing an exceptional app experience to their users.

Looking for an ad monetization partner? AdColony and Fyber have offered trusted app monetization solutions to app developers for years. Contact us to learn more about how we can optimize your monetization strategy!

About the Study
AdColony and Fyber’s Mobile App Monetization Survey was distributed globally and garnered responses from 300+ mobile publishers. The survey asked respondents 30 questions regarding monetization strategies, revenue sources, and the impact of AppTrackingTransparency. The mobile publishers included gaming and non-gaming app developers.

About Fyber
Fyber, part of Digital Turbine’s independent Mobile Growth Platform, develops innovative ad monetization solutions trusted by top mobile game and app publishers. Fyber’s product suite offers publishers a trusted, unconflicted alternative that drives superior results by creating an optimal connection between mobile audiences, top global brands, and mobile-first advertisers across over 40Bn daily ad opportunities. Fyber’s FairBid mediation, Fyber Marketplace, and Offer Wall Edge are all built with performance, scale, and transparency in mind. To dive deeper into how their monetization solutions put app developers first, check out their blog.

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