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Mobile Monday: A Mobile-First World, Newzoo’s Trends to Watch

Posted Jan 17, 2022

Every week, Digital Turbine, AdColony, and Fyber are teaming up to give you the latest news and insights in the mobile world. In this edition of Mobile Monday, AdColony covers how much time is spent on apps and Fyber gives you the latest trends in games to watch. Learn all about it in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Put Your Money Where Consumers Are — Mobile

Consumers are shifting and adapting to a mobile-first world — a place where smartphones are the first thing users look to for information, entertainment, shopping, and more, which explains why smartphones are touched on an average of 2,617 times per day, according to Morning Brew, and why brands and advertisers must optimize for mobile apps, shopping, and display. 

If you haven’t caught on to the mobile trend yet, eMarketer reports that mobile commerce will double its share of U.S. retail sales by 2025, resulting in revenue generation of over $728 billion. The power of mobile cannot be overlooked. Now is the time to create a mobile app (if your brand hasn’t already), optimize functions for mobile web and app, and look at advertising with a mobile-first mindset. Brands should fight to be first on a users’ phone and in their mind, leading to more time spent with the brand and higher conversion rates. 

As App Annie notes in their State of Mobile 2022 report, consumer spend on mobile apps hit $170 billion in 2021, up 19% year-over-year despite pandemic lockdowns, supply issues, and more. If brands and advertisers aren’t already convinced to focus on mobile, App Annie also reports that users spent more time on mobile than watching TV in 2021. The average user in America spends a little over three hours watching TV daily, yet time spent on a mobile device hit an average of four hours per day last year. The picture is clear, consumers are focusing their attention, time, and money on mobile, and therefore, brands and advertisers should do the same. 

2022: Newzoo’s Games Trends to Watch

Newzoo’s Games Trends to Watch in 2022 is packed with its predictions and expectations for the industry. While 2021 was a record-breaking year, the future of the industry is still set to expand. Their trends touch on a number of different aspects of the industry, so let’s explore two of them.

Play games, get paid. Play-to-earn will become a more viable and popular business model in the gaming ecosystem, giving players an opportunity to earn any form of in-game asset. While players are open to trading their in-game cosmetics, publishers are stuck in the middle of shareholders vying for NFT, but AAA gamers reacting negatively to the technology. Publishers might turn to blockchain technology to facilitate more secure and legitimized P2P trading within a centralized game environment.

The metaverse (we cover the what, who and why here) will also play a big part this year, Newzoo predicts. Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain are buzzing words daubing through the industry of what’s to come. Without delving too much into the technicalities of these terms, they’re best understood as owning, trading, and tracking digital assets. While the buzz will drive investment and consumer spending in VR (a blanket term for immersion into digital spaces accessed by hardware), it will take time until the metaverse is a true reality. Until then, it will become a natural evolution in an already booming gaming industry. Newzoo predicts that the metaverse gold rush will begin to hit critical mass in 2022. However, only a handful of first movers and innovators will ride the wave. 
For more Newzoo trends – check the full article here.

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