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Partner Spotlight: Ads By Nimbus

Posted Jan 20, 2022

Ads By Nimbus is a mobile ad platform that delivers maximum monetization through unified and hybrid auctions for publishers and a seamless mobile advertising experience for users through top-of-the-line technology, all in one place.

We caught up with our friends at Ads By Nimbus to learn more about what they offer, their ideas about mobile monetization, and their outlook for the future. Adam Gray, Director of Programmatic Growth at Ads By Nimbus, answered our questions! Get to know them better!

How did Ads By Nimbus get started? 

Ads By Nimbus was built out of necessity for Timehop. At the time Ads By Nimbus was created, unified bidding and advanced bidding within the app ecosystem were nascent. As a result of building our own proprietary technology, Timehop saw eCPM 9X, Fill Rate 6X, and overall revenue 10X. 

How did you begin to work with AdColony?

AdColony is a leading ad network in this space with whom we’ve been wanting to integrate into our agnostic solution for quite some time. We understand the unique value AdColony will bring not only Timehop but all Ads By Nimbus publishers via our s2s integration. 

How does Ads By Nimbus support publishers and mobile marketers?

Ads By Nimbus builds technology that assists publishers with making direct connections seamless and easy with all of their various desired demand partners. Utilizing these connections with their valued demand partners, along with their own licensed Ads By Nimbus unified auction, publishers are able to drive higher yield with less available resources.

What does it mean to be an SDKless provider?

We pride ourselves on building technology that makes the lives of publishers easier and more efficient. This means supporting various integration types that don’t require a software development kit, leaving less room for bloat within a publisher’s app. 

Services Offered

How do you ensure success for your demand partners?

Currently, we have a dedicated account management team that works closely with each demand partner to make sure we’re helping them be successful and drive as much revenue as possible. Along with this, we adhere to each demand partner’s technical specifications to make sure they are driving ad performance as expected in a typical SDK environment. This coupled with our reporting API requirements means that should any discrepancies ever arise, we will be the first to know, lowering ad ops resources for our demand partners. 

What does it mean to be the only agnostic unified player in this space?

We pride ourselves on being a publisher-first technology. This means always remaining agnostic from both a demand and data perspective. Ads By Nimbus being a passthrough layer for publishers means we will always be a processor of data. This helps publishers rest assured that there will never be a conflict of interest when handling their data. Ads By Nimbus also remains agnostic from a demand perspective; we value our unique connections with each demand partner and want to make sure we’re working alongside them and what they do best to drive the best performance for our publishers. 

Why do your partners choose to work with Ads By Nimbus?

Monetization and data are becoming increasingly important and complex to understand in the publisher ecosystem. We push to make sure both of these aspects are priority number one for our publishers. 

What is the number one example of your products enabling brand success?

The higher overall yield from seamless s2s integrations with demand partners. 

What kind of real-time reporting can advertisers expect to see with Ads By Nimbus?

The Ads By Nimbus roadmap has ad transparency front and center. This means having tools for both the buy side and sell side to help them make making decisions smarter and easier. As of today, Ads By Nimbus reporting tools are supply facing only, however, we hope to give our demand partners the same level of data flexibility as publishers over the course of 2022. 

The Industry

Where do you see mobile advertising heading in the short term (2-3 years) and long term (5 years and longer)?

Publishers will become increasingly more sophisticated with monetization and user acquisition — closing the gap between these two facets of their business to create a holistic internal solution that folds both together. With data transparency, privacy, and consolidation setting the tone for 2021 into our foreseeable future, it will become ever more important for publishers to better understand how to keep their users engaged and what users monetize best with UA efforts. 

What industry trend or development are you most excited about in the near-term, and why?

We hold true that similarly to the web environment, in-app bidding and unified auctions still have a much bigger role to play in the mobile environment. 

Publishers taking more control over their data and ad stack via in-housing. Partners such as Digital Turbine (through AdColony and Fyber) and Ads By Nimbus have put publishers at the forefront of advancement in this capacity and we look forward to giving Ads By Nimbus publishers the ability to monetize via Digital Turbine’s collective demand, and everything they have to offer. 

Company Culture

How big is your team and how would you describe them?

30 individuals — Eclectic, brilliant, hilarious, creative, family.

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