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Creative Showcase: Nespresso

Posted Jan 27, 2022

Nespresso wanted to capture UK audiences to promote its latest Vertuo coffee and espresso machine using AdColony’s capturing mobile technology. With AdColony’s premium drag & drop Dynamic End Card execution, Nespresso ultimately reached its targeted audience and increased brand consideration as well as purchase intent to their Venturo machines.

About the Campaign

With more than 30 years of experience, Nespresso offers ​​a range of exceptional coffees, machines, and services tailored to every preference, and developed to meet the strictest quality standards. Vertuo’s technology is giving consumers an exceptional coffee experience. From signature coffees to authentic espressos, all with a smooth taste, full-body, and rich crema.

With its iconic coffee range and high technology coffee machines, the Nespresso Vertuo campaign invited their target audience in the UK to discover all the qualities, colors, and systems of Vertuo, and Vertuo Plus machines through the premium features of the AdColony’s mobile ad expertise.

How did it work?

Nespresso partnered with AdColony to run a mobile campaign to reach consumers through their mobile screens. After the audience watched Nespresso’s high-quality pre-roll ad, which highlighted all the qualities of the Vertuo collection, users got a chance to discover the color varieties of the machine by choosing the color and dragging them onto the machine.

AdColony’s creative and engaging drag and drop execution ultimately captured mobile gamers’ attention with the “Buy Now” call to action and also gave audiences a chance to purchase the products. With this creative execution, Nespresso achieved great results and outperformed all the benchmarks.

Why did it work?

Nespresso achieved a mind-blowing 1.6 million impressions and completed views with this campaign. Total DEC engagement reached 16.2% which exceeded the original benchmark of 10% for drag and drop, where the most dragged color was Piano Black followed by Grey, and Red respectively providing insight into user preferences.  

Results for the campaign are also measured with a Nielsen certified Brand Study. 

Nespresso achieved a 50.5% uplift which shows that the users are more likely to buy Nespresso after watching the ad. On the Brand Recall question, 45.7% uplift rate shows that the campaign has increased Nespresso’s recognition among the target audience, thanks to the engaging DEC execution highlighting various features of the product.

A 21.4% uplift on Purchase Intent demonstrated the ad managed to increase the tendency of users considering Nespresso on their next coffee purchase significantly. 

About Nespresso

Nespresso developed a range of exceptional coffees, machines, and services tailored to every preference, and developed to meet the strictest quality standards. They have spent the last 30 years fine-tuning our know-how, partnering with the finest craftsmen along the way, and want to work with people who care as much about the little details as we do. Because in the end, that’s what makes the difference.

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