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2022 Marketing Trends: What Mobile Marketers Need to Know

Posted Feb 9, 2022

It is safe to say that the marketing landscape in 2022 is not what it was even a few years ago. Consumers are inundated with messaging virtually everywhere they look. They have grown more accustomed to ignoring the noise, so it is imperative that ads be attention-grabbing and personalized to the target audience. 

Rather than relying on the success of singular messages, brands need to utilize multiple touchpoints to effectively reach consumers. To keep audiences engaged, companies must first know where and how to reach them. The Marketing in 2022: Multi-Moment Audience report, created by our data partner GWI and Team Lewis, shared the latest challenges and trends facing brands today. Let’s dive into insights from the report that mobile marketers can use to reach consumers in 2022.

Screen time continues to grow alongside privacy and well-being concerns.

Although Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States have slowed down, most of the rest of the world continues to see increased screen time year-over-year. This can be partially attributed to most people owning at least three devices that can access the internet. Malaysians are at the top of the list with an average of nine hours and 18 minutes spent on screens daily. They are also spending more time on their mobile devices than PCs, laptops, and tablets averaging three hours and 34 minutes a day. 

Despite the rise of screen time in most of the world, people are becoming more concerned with how much time is spent on smartphones and social media. As mentioned previously, Malaysians spend the most time on screens but 41% of them also have concerns about their smartphone usage. This is common globally, with 30% of consumers expressing concern about smartphone screen time and 27% about social media. As a result, 23% of global consumers have reduced their social screen time. 

Privacy is also an issue among consumers with 39% saying they worry about how companies are using their online data. Brands need to consider both increased screen times and growing concerns when developing their marketing strategies. Crafting compelling and targeted campaigns will be the key to breaking through the noise and successfully reaching consumers. 

Audiences respond to informative and technologically creative ads.

Because of their ubiquity, consumers expect ads to offer value. Product information was ranked as the most important aspect of an ad ahead of it being entertaining and providing discounts or special offers. Brands need to strike a balance between information and creativity to stand out among competitors.  Campaigns that incorporate AR and VR can allow for a more unique and immersive experience. In-app ads, especially in mobile games, can provide interactivity without breaking the bank. Gamified ads can offer a fun and seamless experience while also giving the consumer more time to learn about the product. No matter what route a mobile marketer takes, they need to be open to thinking outside of the box to capture audiences’ attention.

Mood, relatability, and social responsibility are motivators for modern customers.

The isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic have put an emotional strain on most people. That’s why it is important to consider mood when marketing to consumers. How an ad makes people feel can determine whether they engage with it or disregard it completely. Global consumers are seeking brands that are reliable, authentic, and innovative. While being trendy and bold seem like valuable traits, they are actually some of the least desired. Online shopping has given consumers much more variety so it is natural that they are more selective when it comes to brand favorability. 

Relatability is a significant factor to all generations but in different ways. Gen Z consumers identify with people who share the same gender while millennials relate to those who like the same things as them online. Gen X favor those who share similar life experiences and Baby Boomers prefer those that speak the same language. According to survey data, consumers across the globe are also looking for brands to affect positive change. They want brands to support local suppliers and charities, be more responsible and transparent about data usage, and communicate their sustainability goals. Environmental issues are important to almost half (48%) of global consumers and the majority (54%) is willing to pay more for an eco-friendly product. These issues go beyond marketing messaging and should also be a part of a business’ corporate strategy in order to win the favor of consumers.

Media consumption, multiple platforms, and device usage have made audiences’ expectations higher than ever. Brands are not just expected to be trendy or entertaining in their ads but also meet personal needs and be environmentally and socially responsible. There is no shortage of ways to communicate with consumers but it takes innovation and creativity to really reach and convert them. Brands need both carefully crafted messaging and a multi-dimensional strategy in order to win over the consumers of 2022.

About the Report
Marketing in 2022: Multi-Moment Audience is a guide of the latest marketing trends made by global marketing agency Team Lewis and market research firm GWI. The report dives into how today’s multi-moment audience is evolving and the changes the pandemic has brought about in today’s marketing multiverse. Markets covered in the report include Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, U.K., and the U.S.

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