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Creative Showcase: Indomie

Posted Mar 10, 2022

Indomie, the undisputed market leader in the instant noodle category in Indonesia, has always enjoyed a massive cult following across key cities in the country. However, despite having cemented its leadership in big Indonesian metropolises like Jakarta, the brand lags behind one of its competitors in Indonesia’s suburban areas.

Recognizing the commercial appeal of riding important events, Indomie wanted to launch a campaign for its Indomie Special Pack product during Ramadan last year. Traditionally, it’s a highly social time, as dawn-to-dusk fasting and intense prayer often give way to sumptuous nightly gatherings; however, the new normal for Ramadan in the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic meant less crowded communal prayers and community gatherings as health protocols still needed to be followed.

To show solidarity with Indonesians during one of their most important religious festivals, Indomie repackaged its products, featuring piring kosong – an empty plate – devoid of their mouth-watering mi goreng. This is the brand’s way of encouraging Indonesians to resist temptation as they fasted throughout the day. In order to raise brand awareness and purchase intent, Indomie partnered with AdColony to launch a nationwide campaign featuring its redesigned look.

About the Campaign

As fasting in Ramadan has always been about developing the spirit of belonging, unity, brotherhood, and equality, Indomie wanted its campaign to be a movement of filling up one’s piring kosong – empty plate – with kindness and good deeds. To enable its target audience to “fill up” their empty plates with good deeds and thus help them uphold the spirit of solidarity defining the holy festival, Indomie staged a massive nationwide campaign wherein Indonesians may publicly pledge to say “I do” to committing such acts of kindness as sharing, helping their families/friends, being honest, etc. 

Leveraging on AdColony’s dynamic end card technology, Indomie created three compelling Ramadan-themed creatives. The first two creatives were deployed during the month-long festival of Ramadan: the first creative served during fasting hours, and the second creative served once Indonesians broke their fast. Both creatives, while featuring distinct videos relevant to the time of day they were deployed, leveraged dynamic end card technology and API Integration.

The Ramadan mobile creatives encouraged Indonesians to fill their piring korong with kindness by saying “I do.” Users made video pledges for Ramadan, which were then uploaded to the Indomie microsite for everyone to see. Through API integration between the mobile ad and Indomie microsite, users got to see how many people have already uploaded their pledges. During Eid Al-Fitr, the Festival of the Fast Breaking, Indomie dished out the third creative, which featured the top 10 best pledges made during Ramadan. 

How did it work?

The campaign had two phases:

The first phase ran the entire festival of Ramadan and dished out two compelling mobile ad creatives that both initiated with a 30-second Instant Play HD video. The first creative, deployed during fasting hours from 4am to 6pm, begins with a video of a man and his family gathering boxes filled with Indomie Special Piring Kosong Packs and sharing it with their neighbors as an act of kindness. The second creative, deployed once Indonesians broke their fasts at dusk, shows the same man now cooking Indomie mi goreng for everyone in the family to enjoy after fasting.

Once the videos end for both creatives, the dynamic end card is served, showing them the real-time number of pledges uploaded thus far in the Indomie microsite. An empty plate then shows on their screens with suggestions for good deeds they can say “I do” to. Tapping the plate causes it to spin, and ends with the pointer suggesting a good deed they can do for their loved ones on Ramadan. A call to action button then transports them to the Indomie landing site where they can now see the video pledges of users before them. Inspired by the pledges of other people, users are motivated to say “I do” and upload their pledges as well.

The second phase of the campaign ran during Eid Al-Fitr, the Festival of the Fast Breaking, and once again initiates with a 30-Second Instant Play HD Video, this time showing the entire family celebrating with a sumptuous feast of Indomie mi goreng. The Dynamic End Card then shows the total number of “I do” pledges made throughout the festival of Ramadan, specially featuring 10 people who made the best pledges during the holy month. A call to action button leads them to Indomie’s landing page where they can see their favorite pledges.

Due to the simplicity and interactive nature of the mobile creatives, the resulting engagement was phenomenal. The more consumers engaged with the ad, the more inspired they were, increasing their chances of submitting their own pledges on the Indomie microsite and upholding the spirit of kindness, brotherhood, and unity that is what Ramadan is about.

Campaign Results

Thanks to the outstanding campaign execution with the gamified mobile ad unit, AdColony and Indomie were able to achieve incredible results – amplifying the awareness of its special Ramadan piring kosong pack and increasing engagement with its audience.

The #IndomieIdo Special Piring Kosong (empty plate) campaign achieved a high level of 5.5 million unique reaches, with impressions a whopping 14.2 million. The ad creatives garnered a completion rate of 85% – a stellar performance compared to the industry benchmark of 80%. Its average CTR was 1.01%, exceeding the 0.8% benchmark. Engagement rate was also phenomenal at 8.7%, far above the 2% AdColony benchmark.

Most importantly, the Indomie Special Pack Piring Kosong grew 10% this year in terms of sales volume, compared to Ramadan in 2020. All in all, the nationwide campaign contributed significantly to heighten awareness and engagement for Indomie through the power of effective mobile creative and the ubiquitous reach of mobile devices.

About Indomie

Indomie is produced by Indofood, the pioneer of instant noodles in Indonesia and is one of the largest instant noodles manufacturers in the world. With 19 billion packs annual production capacity, the brand is available in over 100 countries around the world such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

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