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Mobile Monday: Marketing in Micro-Moments, Mobile App Users Shop In-Store, and App Store Expansion

Posted Apr 4, 2022

Digital Turbine is constantly keeping tabs on the mobile world, and every week, we’re sharing the most interesting and important need-to-know stories and articles. In this edition of Mobile Monday, the stories we’re covering are marketing during micro-moments and reaching consumers on mobile, mobile app users shopping more in-person than non-app users, and European legislation leading to new app store possibilities. Learn all about these stories in this week’s Mobile Monday!

One Shining MicroMoment

Tonight March Madness culminates with a UNC vs. Kansas final that should be a fun watch. But the moment itself, as it has been for the last 3 weeks, isn’t just one moment. Indeed the last 3 weeks of, well, madness haven’t just been about the games. People have spent their days unlocking their phones to fill out brackets, check scores, read stories, watch highlights, or even to tune in live. Business of Apps last week highlighted how all these “MicroMoments” are opportunities for brands, publishers, and carriers to engage with consumers.

While these moments are part of the fun of March Madness, this behavior does not begin and end in March. In fact, our entire year is peppered with these moments. In February, the Olympics captured our attention. And just last week, a slap at the Oscars was what everyone was buzzing about. So even after the final tip-off tonight in the National Championship, and CBS sends us off the air with “One Shining Moment”, remember that these MicroMoments won’t end. People will just start opening their phones looking for the next big thing.

And when they do, brands, publishers, and carriers should still find ways to engage existing and potential customers. Digital Turbine’s on-device solutions are a great way to aid consumers in finding what they are looking for in those MicroMoments. Whether people open their phones to search, browse, or get breaking news, there are multiple ways of Discovery to help them – whether it’s through portals, Minus 1 screens, notifications, or more. Now that’s how you help with the Madness! 

Mobile Apps Increase Physical and Online Shopping

Though many consumers prefer to shop online and on mobile for the ease and convenience, mobile shoppers are also still inclined to shop at brick and mortar stores. Furthermore, recent research indicates that mobile app users went to brick and mortar stores 41% more often than non-app users over the course of a year. Whether you are aiming to reach consumers online or in-person, advertising in-app and optimizing user app experience can boost both physical and digital shopping frequency.

More specifically, users with Burger QSR apps downloaded are 39% more likely to visit a brand in-person while those with retail apps downloaded are 37% more likely to visit an in-person store. Following that, people with pharmacy apps are 27% more likely to also shop at the physical store. 

Users want convenience while shopping, and mobile apps are able to provide just that. In addition to convenience, users also indicated that the main reasons for using retail apps are to save time, get discounts, and cut down on time spent waiting in line. What’s more, users are discovering these apps through mobile ads and word of mouth; so if brands don’t have an app or haven’t advertised their app on mobile yet, now is the time to start. 

App Stores Get EU Attention with the Digital Markets Act

The newly approved Digital Markets Act takes big tech head on, with the mobile landscape seeing particular focus on the app stores of the two industry giants — Google and Apple. 

The new legislation, set to take effect in 2023, could potentially cause major shifts for the two players controlling the app platforms worldwide. Global legal and legislative pressure has already had Apple and Google slightly acting to adapt their business models. The focus of regulatory efforts have been weakening the hold of both companies on the high-margin app market, where they take fees of up to 30% from large app developers. 

Google has taken first steps, announcing a deal with Spotify that enables users to choose an alternative payment method to Google Play within the Spotify app. While the public announcement came in time for European legislation, Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple and Google (in appeal following split-decision ruling in US court last year) still remains a symbol for major developers’ pushback against the tech giants. 

The new law might force Apple to provide alternatives to its exclusive Apple App Store, as well as Apple Pay — its popular payment solution. 

The law has big tech in sight, but will also apply to some smaller companies, including those with a market value of 75 billion euros ($82.4 billion) or that have 7.5 billion euros ($8.26 billion) in annual revenue within the EU, as well as at least 45 million monthly end-users and 10,000 yearly business users of at least one core platform, including web browsers and virtual assistants.

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