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Creative Showcase: Cedevita Puc-Puc

Posted Apr 7, 2022

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the engaging Puc-Puc campaign in multiple countries in the Balkans region of Europe. Puc-Puc, a well-known regional candy with vitamins inside, with a playful, youthful image, was keen to promote its tasty popping candy in powder form by using the impeccable advantages of mobile advertising. With our dynamic end card technologies, Puc-Puc uplifted its awareness by using a gamified mobile advertising campaign to increase engagement and time spent with the target audiences in the region.

About the Campaign

Puc-Puc is the most well-known vitamin powder in the Balkans region, where its taste makes it popular among children, along with its amusing brand image. As one of the most satisfying vitamin candy products in the Balkans, Puc-Puc accelerated its brand awareness by grabbing its target’s attention in mobile games, with supply inventory provided by Digital Turbine’s Fyber and AdColony integrations by mobile game developers. The main purpose of the campaign was to demonstrate to the audience that Puc-Puc is healthy and entertaining by using dynamic end card technology. By enabling the interaction of the audience with a custom brand game after watching the ad, Puc-Puc increased users’ curiosity and encouraged them to get to know more about the product.

How did it work?

Cedevita, Puc-Puc’s parent brand, decided to run an interactive and high-quality mobile advertising campaign for its Puc-Puc popping candy powder, activating audiences with a Gamification dynamic end card.

AdColony, a Digital Turbine company, assisted this campaign to increase the brand visibility to the target and potential audiences in the countries of Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. The gamified dynamic end card structure of the ad, created by Digital Turbine’s own in-house creative team brought interactivity and engagement and allowed audiences to learn more about Puc-Puc products via tap and slide features. By tapping to choose between Puc-Puc character flavors of banana, strawberry, or forest fruit in a creative gamification execution, the fun journey begins right after. Audiences were able to catch the items by swiping their Puc-Puc character on the screen to reach the highest score in a certain amount of time.

By prioritizing the user experience where Puc-Puc kept amusing the users, the campaign reached its target audience in mobile games with a high-quality ad unit. After capturing their attention, audiences were invited to discover more about Puc-Puc products with the ‘Learn More’ CTA button and invited to play the Puc-Puc game again via ‘Play Again’ CTA to increase purchase intent and time spent with the brand.

Why did it work?

Thanks to our creative execution, Puc-Puc achieved high engagement rates and well above completed video views goals. 

Puc-Puc achieved an eye-popping dynamic end card engagement rate of 113%, which is high above its 25% benchmark. Almost 30% of engagements came from the character gallery, where users have explored the characters to choose the one they want to play the game with. Banana turned out to be the audience’s favorite character with a 3% rate. 

Also, the average score of users who played the game is 6.7, showing the end card was highly creative and kept users engaged. Accordingly, the average time spent on the DEC increased by 2.2 secs from 10 to 12.2 secs.

In conclusion, more than two million users were impressed by this highly engageable campaign. The unique completed rate reached 97% rate and more than 24,000 users clicked on the video during the ad. Additionally, completed views exceed 1.7 million unique users thanks to Digital Turbine’s creative high ad-tech!

About Puc-Puc

Puc-Puc is a food supplement and a source of 9 vitamins: C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12. One serving contains 50% of recommended daily intake of vitamins. It is prepared right before consumption by dissolving multivitamin granules in a glass of water, so it can always provide a tasty source of vitamins in a quick and simple way.

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