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Offer Walls for App Monetization: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Posted Apr 14, 2022

Offer walls are a great tool in app developers’ toolbox but have flown under the radar for many developers over the past few years. Like all opt-in ad formats, they provide a great option to monetize non-paying users and can incentivize mature users to stay in my app even longer. Smart offer wall implementations also engage new users after my ads are converted into an install and can be heavily customized. Let’s take a deeper look!

Offer Wall Evolution

Offer Wall has changed dramatically since its first appearance on the market. From once a primitive ad unit with poor fraud protection, it grew into a robust monetization solution and an additional UA resource for top developers, publishers, and advertisers worldwide.

Each month more than 8 million highly engaged users of games, communications, tools, dating and social, loyalty, music, and other apps interact with advertisers from gaming, loyalty, brands, survey platforms, NGOs, and other industries through Fyber’s Offer Wall Edge monetization tool. Protected by several levels of fraud prevention measures, working great on top of other monetization solutions on both iOS and Android platforms (!) makes Offer Wall a highly relevant ad unit in the post-IDFA era.

Here is a 360 view of what Fyber’s Offer Wall Edge brings to publishers, users and advertisers today.

Users’ Choice

Traditional mobile advertising – banners, interstitials, videos – interrupt users’ experience in a publisher app. Considering that and taking into account the banner blindness phenomenon, developers seek additional strong UA and monetization solutions, like Offer Wall. With seamless native integration into the publisher’s app thanks to customized UI/UX, Offer Wall becomes an extension of the user experience.

In addition to interacting with this non-intrusive ad, users see the exact value behind offers and choose to engage in those that are interesting to them. Each time people interact with Offer Wall, they choose from hundreds of offers provided by over 200 direct demand partners, from games to NGOs.

An Engagement & Monetization Loop for Developers

The mobile ecosystem changes rapidly, forcing developers to constantly find new and different ways to build a sustainable monetization strategy. 

App developers and publishers are turning to the Offer Wall as a non-intrusive yet rewarding ad format that complements their IAP monetization by monetizing non-payers, increasing user retention, and providing an additional layer to the app experience

Offer Wall is a monetization solution for those users who prefer to spend time rather than money to progress in the app. Users get an in-app currency reward for every completed offer, and publishers get paid the same as a regular IAP purchase. Last year, publishers’ revenue on Offer Wall Edge Edge went 292% up on iOS and 107% up on Android for CPA campaigns.

Bringing — And Retaining! — New Hyper-Engaged Users

Being a 100% user-initiated ad format, Offer Wall invites users to explore advertisers’ offers without interrupting their in-app experience. Your new customers and app users choose to interact with your brand and opt-in to learn more about it from the very beginning, which builds a foundation for keen interest.

As the Offer Wall works the best with casual and midcore apps, your ads immediately find a highly-engaged audience of over 8 million users monthly. Advertisers run different types of CPA campaigns, such as signing up for a subscription, registering for a service, completing a survey, answering a quiz, making a purchase, reaching a certain level, unlocking a character and more, and pay only for the result, not the exposure

All our advertisers have access to a self-serve dashboard to set up campaigns, target audiences you are after, set precise biddings, and check the look and feel of your offer inside the Offer Wall environment before you go live. The result-driven team of experts is always by your side to provide market insights and best practices.

Besides, what could be a better start to a long life user cycle than you being a source of a valuable reward for your newcomers?

Learn More About Offer Wall

Inspired to add this monetization method to your next app? Interested in acquiring users this way? Tweet us at @AdColony, or get in contact with our family at @Fyber and @DigitalTurbine to get started!


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