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Creative-Showcase-Ford Stormtrak-Raptor

Creative Showcase: Ford Stormtrak & Raptor

Posted May 5, 2022

Ford as a brand needs no introduction, but sometimes their newest products need to reach potential buyers! Ford continues to honor their legacy as they build the future and wanted to capture their target audience in South Africa, and promote the newest models of their iconic pick-ups the Stormtrak and the Raptor.

About the Campaign

Two of Ford’s most iconic pick-up trucks, the Stormtrak and the Raptor, are under the spotlight for this engaging mobile execution.  With its powerful looks and imposing presence, the New Ford Ranger Stormtrak lives up to its Wildtrak heritage, and then some. Built to make an impression, the Stormtrak lives up to its Wildtrak roots, turning heads while effortlessly going wherever the road takes you.

The other model Raptor is also not an ordinary pick-up truck. Bred from the iconic toughness of the Ford Ranger and infused with the performance DNA of the Focus RS – the Ford Ranger Raptor is born for off-road performance. When compared to the rest of the Ranger line-up, the Raptor is a small pick-up truck in terms of load space, but the Raptor overcompensates with its performance.

Ford is always up to innovation and is highly aware that the mobile advertising scene is undeniably powerful. With that in mind, Ford invited the audiences to discover all the qualities of the Ford Stormtrak, and the Ford Raptor through their mobile screens thanks to the high technology features of AdColony’s mobile expertise.

How did it work?

An innovative brand like Ford can’t just create a basic mobile video. The main strategy was for the South African audience to discover and experience all the features of the two models deeply. After the audience watched the pre-roll advertising of Ford, they were invited to engage with the ad.

AdColony’s unique product Dynamic End Card popped up on the screen and invited the audience to pick “Adventure” with the Ford Raptor or “ Challenge” with the Ford Stormtrak. After their pick, audiences were invited to wipe the screen by using their fingers to clear the storm clouds to discover the Ford Stormstrak features like alloys, grille, power roller shutter, three-dimensional logos, and interior design by clicking on hotspots on their screens.

After they are done discovering the Stormtrak, the ad this time invites them to wipe the screen with their fingers to clear the dust to discover all the features of the Ford Raptor. After audiences wiped the dust, Dynamic End Card invited them to fully own the adventure of the Raptor by exploring the truck’s unique features such as matte black alloy wheels, red recovery hooks, sports seats, body stripes, and fox shocks.

After discovering the qualities of the Ford Stormtrak and the Ford Raptor, audiences can build their unique truck and get the price by clicking on “Build & Price Yours” CTA buttons on Dynamic End Card.

Campaign Results

Thanks to AdColony’s engaging creative executions, Ford achieved strong completion and engagement rates. The campaign achieved more than 415.000 impressions. With more than 366.000 completed views reached an 88% Video Completion Rate compared to its 80% benchmark. More than 289,000 out of 366,000 were unique viewers thus Unique Video Completion Rate reached 79%.

Dynamic End Card engagement rate reached 30.3% and tripled its 10% benchmark thanks to engaging Wipe Away execution. The most engaging action was choosing a car then wiping away the screen where it captured more than 43,000 engagements. After the wipe, Dynamic End Card screens with hotspots enabled users to discover all the features of the Ford Ranger Stormtrak and Raptor models. Unique Dynamic End Card engagement rate reached 37% by exceeding its 25% benchmark.

Results of the campaign are also measured by Nielsen certified Brand Study to measure the effectiveness of the video ad in conveying the brand association, brand message, and creative components. 16.3% uplift on Purchase Intent indicates that the campaign has affected users’ tendency to buy the Ford Ranger positively. On the Brand Consideration question, we have a 3.8% uplift rate which shows that the campaign has increased the number of users that would consider buying the Ford Ranger the next time they purchase a bakkie. 14.7% uplift rate on Message Association question shows that the campaign had a positive impact on helping the users remember the slogan.

About Ford Motor Company

Being a family company that spans the globe and has shared ideals. Valuing service to each other and the world as much as to their customers. Generations have made their memories with them and included Ford in their hopes and dreams. After 117 years, Ford used to adapt to and lead change. That’s why they are evolving to focus on services, experiences, and software as well as vehicles.

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