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Mobile Monday: Fools No More — AppsFlyer Fires Back at Fraudsters

Posted Apr 2, 2018

This Mobile Monday, we’re taking an extensive look at AppsFlyer and Protect360’s State of Mobile App Install Fraud report for Q1 2018. Yesterday may have been April Fools’ Day but their latest report takes a bold stand against fraud with data and analysis across their extensive network. AppsFlyer as declared mobile markers should be “Fools No…

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Seven Perks of Fraud Prevention

Posted Jan 30, 2018

Advertisers deserve better. While honest partners are working diligently to combat and prevent ad fraud, others are simply dragging their feet, which does the entire ecosystem a disservice. After all, when ad fraud prevention is improved, so is overall ad effectiveness. To quantify the benefits of improved ad fraud prevention, Appsflyer and Forrester recently conducted…

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AdColony Ranked a Top Choice for App Install ROI & Quality

Posted Oct 24, 2017

Acquiring quality users at scale isn’t easy, and mobile marketers often turn to multiple advertising partners to meet their campaign KPIs. To help advertisers find the best partners, mobile attribution company AppsFlyer regularly publishes their indexes of the top ad platforms. Today, the company released their H1 2017 Performance Index, wherein AdColony was ranked as…

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Mobile Monday: Cyanogen & the AppsFlyer Performance Index

Posted Feb 22, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are covering how Cyanogen’s Mod aims to move beyond apps on Android to drive deeper publisher integrations and the latest results from the AppsFlyer Performance Index Cyanogen Mod & Life Beyond Apps Described as an endeavor to separate the future of Android from Google, Cyanogen recently unveiled Mod,…

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AppsFlyer Index Reveals Stiff Competition for eCommerce, Travel and Utility Apps

Posted Oct 2, 2015

Competition for installs and user retention among eCommerce, Travel and Utility apps was fierce in Q3 according to a recent performance index released by AppsFlyer. As described in the report, the app store is flooded, leaving apps with “no room to breathe,” much less retain their users. Over 450 million installs across hundreds of apps…

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AdColony Rated #1 Ad Network in Gaming Retention by AppsFlyer

Posted May 21, 2015

Today, AppsFlyer released the first edition of their Gaming Performance Index, ranking AdColony as the #1 Ad Network in Gaming Retention for Android and #5 in the Gaming Power Ranking for iOS. The AppsFlyer Gaming Performance Index Gaming Retention ranking looks at 1, 7, and 30 day user retention for iOS and Android. As an…

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