Publisher Spotlight: Concrete Software

Posted Aug 30, 2016

In the world of mobile games, Concrete Software has been around a long time. Founded in 2003, the team at Concrete makes arcade-style fun in the form of hits like Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch, NHL Hockey Target Smash, and a host of card games under the Aces banner. In an industry where the hottest…

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Getting Personal: The Trend Toward Custom Content

Posted Aug 9, 2016

To continuously captivate consumers, custom content is as crucial as the first 9 words of this sentence are alliterative. In April, survey results revealed that senior level marketers found content personalization and campaign targeting to be the most critical aspects of their marketing tactics. This trend has only strengthened. Recently, another survey revealed that 95% of marketing professionals feel…

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Publisher Spotlight: PlayRaven

Posted Jul 22, 2016

Finland is home to many game companies. A picturesque country with stunning views and wonderful people, it’s no wonder it attracts some of the best game developers from around the world. In the capital of Helsinki, PlayRaven has made a name for itself in mobile by specializing in excellent strategy games and focusing exclusively on…

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Messaging: Push for Greater Engagement

Posted Jun 30, 2016

Push notifications are one of the earliest methods mobile developers were given to draw players back into apps. Since being added to iOS in 2008 with the introduction of iOS 2.0, and the official Android 2.2, developers have pushed to engage with notifications. According to Apple a push notification is defined as “Send over-the-air alerts,…

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Publisher Spotlight: DotEmu

Posted May 20, 2016

DotEmu isn’t your standard mobile games developer.  Founded in 2007 the Paris, France-based company has had a unique and noble mission – to bring classic games to a new audience. They work closely with classic games’ original developers and publishers, as well as current license holders to maintain the original spirit of those games. Having just released an updated Pang Adventures…

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Mobile Monetization: Nurturing Minnows & Dolphins

Posted May 10, 2016

The trend toward freemium app economies is no secret: users increasingly shy away from paid apps, and app publishers continually refine and readjust their monetization methods. So which monetization methods are most prevalent? According to a recent Mobile Gaming Report by Business Insider, advertising and in-app purchases remain the top two monetization choices for mobile…

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Apple Stock

Apple’s Slow Quarter is Good News for Publishers

Posted May 5, 2016

Apple’s disappointing earnings call last week has already generated a lot of discussion in the industry. For the first time in 13 years, Apple saw its revenues decline, mostly due to slower iPhone and iPad shipments. Apple’s stock prices took an appropriate and expected dip as well. The silver lining to the bad news for shareholders is that…

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Clash Royale – Supercell’s New King of Engagement

Posted Apr 21, 2016

Supercell has another $1 billion mobile hit on its hands with Clash Royale. After taking the world by storm with Clash of Clans, including a $9 million Super Bowl 50 ad starring Liam Neeson, Supercell has once again proven its near-perfect understanding of user behavior and what it takes to keep users engaged long-term. With Clash Royale, Supercell blended elements of multiplayer…

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The Fine Art of Incentivized App Reviews

Posted Apr 14, 2016

You’re playing a game and finish a difficult level or furiously swiping right to find your soulmate. Suddenly, a pop-up appears. “Like using this App? Rate us!” it asks, with a button to take you to the App Store. It’s an experience most users are familiar with, and one app developers and publishers are keen to keep short, but…

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Big Spenders, Smart Purchases: Whales Drive Mobile Profit

Posted Apr 7, 2016

The reports are in and despite a small dip as a share of combined app downloads in 2015, games actually increased to 80% of overall app spending! That’s another year of mobile game developers and publishers proving once again that mobile is the space to be in. These awesome numbers come from App Annie’s Gaming Spotlight 2015 Review, released last…

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