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Big Spenders, Smart Purchases: Whales Drive Mobile Profit

Posted Apr 7, 2016

The reports are in and despite a small dip as a share of combined app downloads in 2015, games actually increased to 80% of overall app spending! That’s another year of mobile game developers and publishers proving once again that mobile is the space to be in. These awesome numbers come from App Annie’s Gaming Spotlight 2015 Review, released last…

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What's the retention tool cost sweet spot?

How Much Should You Spend on Retention Tools?

Posted Mar 31, 2016

Across multiple industries, conventional wisdom dictates that it’s more cost effective to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one – the same holds true in the mobile world as well. If you were to poll traditional marketing gurus, they would tell you that a successful business allocates up to 80% of its marketing budget to retention and engagement.  Even the low…

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Mobile User Retention: Relative Rates by App Category

Posted Mar 1, 2016

While mobile user retention remains a key focal point for many app marketers, studies in the field are often limited to the short term. Typically, retention is studied at the day and week level, with 7 and 10 day retention serving as the pillars for comparison. However, recent data released by Business Insider examines the…

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Mobile User Retention: The 5 Aspects of Apps Users Detest

Posted Feb 9, 2016

As mobile user retention becomes ever more critical for app publishers, so it is important to learn what users like— and dislike— to better accommodate and retain them. In this pursuit, a recent Business Insider report examined how the app download market will shift based on a study of 1,000 US mobile users. From the data,…

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The First 30 Days: How Session Frequency Affects Retention

Posted Feb 2, 2016

Improved user retention post-install is the aim of any app publisher, yet many find that the majority of their new users cease use of their app after a month or so. To re-engage these users before they churn, it’s important to understand how their session behavior may indicate their likelihood of dropping off. According to…

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AppsFlyer Index Reveals Stiff Competition for eCommerce, Travel and Utility Apps

Posted Oct 2, 2015

Competition for installs and user retention among eCommerce, Travel and Utility apps was fierce in Q3 according to a recent performance index released by AppsFlyer. As described in the report, the app store is flooded, leaving apps with “no room to breathe,” much less retain their users. Over 450 million installs across hundreds of apps…

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Room for Growth in Daily Session Time of Many Mobile Games

Posted Aug 18, 2015

Engagement and retention:  the more mobile game publishers optimize for these metrics, the more successful they typically are. While it’s exciting to see average session duration increase after the implementation of a rewarded video or other retention device, publishers are often left wondering how well they are capitalizing on their users’ time. To put it…

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Top 4 Methods to Re-Engage App Users

Posted Aug 4, 2015

With a quarter of app users disengaging after the first session and even more dropping off within the first month, re-engaging users to drive subsequent sessions is critical for mobile app developers. A recent app marketing report by eMarketer revealed the top four reasons mobile app users are likely to re-engage with an app they’ve…

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