The AdColony Mobile Observatory — 2018

Posted Jul 20, 2018

The first issue of the AdColony Mobile Observatory provides detailed insights into the digital marketing ecosystem. This includes useful research on global mobile user habits from 2017 and the most anticipated technological developments of 2018 and beyond. The Mobile Observatory also includes research conducted in partnership with OnDevice on mobile gaming habits across the world.

Report Highlights

  • Mobile Data from the World — Learn more about global mobile data usage trends, user advertising preferences, mobile consumption distribution, and popular app genre downloads.
  • The Game Changers — Find out what the three most important factors are for advertisers to succeed in the mobile landscape.
  • Augmented Reality and the Future — What does this new technology offer to brands and how can this expectation be managed?
  • Mobile Gaming Research — Learn everything there is to know about mobile gamers across the globe, from typical play times and locations, to app downloads and user preferences.