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AdColony Observatory 2019 — EMEA Edition

The 2019 issue of the AdColony Mobile Observatory provides detailed insights into the digital marketing ecosystem. This includes useful research on global mobile user habits from 2019 and the most anticipated technological developments of 2020 and beyond. The Mobile Observatory also includes research conducted in partnership with OnDevice on mobile gaming habits across the world as well.

Report Highlights

  • Breaking Down Mobile Gaming Demographics — From the rise of women in mobile gaming to busting the age myths, this article covers the surprising ways mobile gaming is more than you think!
  • Under the Microscope Global and EMEA — Dive deeper on mobile gamers’ demographic makeup, preferences, and the best way to reach them.
  • Gen Z and Their Smartphones — The latest group to enter the consumer marketplace with their own buying power, Gen Z won’t react to the ads you used for older generations. Learn how they differ and how to reach them!
  • And more!