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Case Study: Rewarded Video & Prettygreat

Rewarded video has proven to be one of the most effective sources of revenue generation for mobile app developers. It seems simple at first – users watch an ad, users get rewards, but there’s plenty of nuance to what rewards are given, and when.

A simple integration that gives users a reward for viewing an ad can have engagement rates as high as 90%. Rewarded video is the most popular form of ad monetization for mobile users, and can boost IAP metrics in multiple ways.

Compared to other types of ad, rewarded video does just as well. In a study by Media Brix, social and mobile gaming ads on mobile garnered a 15.8% engagement rate and paid social ads reached just 5.8%, but in-game value exchange (rewarded video) reached 91.4%.

Users continue to respond to high-quality ads that offer them something for their time. Typically, a rewarded video implementation grants virtual rewards for completed video views (CVVs). These rewards are most commonly consumable items such as one-time-use power-ups or in-game currency to spend within an in-game economy.

Sliding into Success
Prettygreat, makers of the hit game Land Sliders wanted to try out something different with AdColony’s rewarded videos. They first implemented a “watch for coins” rewarded video ad, the most common form of rewarded video, but soon wanted to implement something more ambitious.

Rewarded video offers the opportunity to go beyond simple currency or consumable rewards, which have a delayed or non-immediate impact on the player. Working with AdColony, Prettygreat began offering direct rewards by granting continues for watching videos. This immediate gratification for ad engagement was a runaway success.

We sifted through the data and put together a case study on how “watch to continue” helped Prettygreat reach new monetization heights.