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Global Brand Safety Survey 2019

The AdColony Brand Safety Survey was distributed globally, with the majority (57%) of respondents from North America, followed by EMEA. Ages ranged from 16 to 75, participants were typically over 35 years old and skewed slightly female.

Some highlights from the findings:

  • Mobile users prefer to encounter ads in mobile games (16%) over social media platforms like YouTube (15%), Snapchat (8%), and Instagram (7%). They do still expect and prefer to see ads on Facebook (36%) and Google (18%), though.
  • After seeing an ad in mobile games, 1 in 4 purchase advertised products or services. Despite Instagram’s recent moves to become more of a platform for e-commerce advertising, less than 1 in 8 consumers purchase after seeing an ad there.
  • Facebook (60%) and YouTube (31%) are still the top places where consumers are seeing non-brand-safe content, more than the 18% that view it in mobile games. Nearly half (49%) of those surveyed say this “negatively impacts my perception of the advertiser” to see ads in proximity to this type of content.
  • Mobile games have the lowest incidence of “fake news,” just 8% compared to a whopping 49% on Facebook, 25% on YouTube and 20% on Google.