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Mobile First Insights — Q1 2016

Introducing the new Mobile First Insights report, which is divided into three sections: DATA, TECHNOLOGY, and CREATIVITY.

  • DATA. The report opens with a set of statistics (derived both from our own platform and other sources) that paint a picture of where we are today, including “where the heat is” in the mobile app market and how consumers are interacting with mobile content and advertising messages.
  • TECHNOLOGY. Each quarter, we will introduce a new technology, or more fully explain an existing one, that we know will have a significant impact on the industry. In doing this, we hope that both publishers and advertisers will be able to make more informed decisions based on their new understanding of often-hard-to-understand technological advances.
  • CREATIVITY. Pulling from the hundreds of global ad campaigns running each day on our platform, we will show examples of stunning design, dynamic and custom messaging, and key targeting and technology integrations that demonstrates the true power of purpose-built mobile creative. With commentary from our brand and agency partners, we will also share the impact of cutting-edge creative on KPIs and long-term outcomes.