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Success Story: Happy Draw Life & Monetization (JA)

Hypercasual is certainly one of the most downloaded genres in mobile gaming, which proved to be true especially during the lockdown last year.

Draw Happy Life is a hypercasual game with a simple drawing mechanism servicing a worldwide audience. It’s published by New Stroy Co., Ltd, an independent Japanese game studio founded only in March 2020 that’s growing fast since globally publishing multiple hypercasual titles. The game is highly addictive and easy to play as it allows users to enjoy winning moments every round.

Success Story Highlights

1. Advanced Bidding

  • Most effective way to increase eCPM: By allowing every demand source to auction for every impression, the publisher can receive the highest bid.
  • Automatic optimization: Advanced bidding allows automatic impression optimization from multiple demand partners in real-time. No manual optimization allows for easier operation and higher auction efficiency.
  • Less latency: All bids occur simultaneously resulting in less latency and a higher fill-rate.

2. Multiple Ad Placements also help to maximize the monetization source by placing rewarded video ads, interstitial video ads, as well as banner ads, all on an advanced bidding solution.