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Success Story: Tactile & User Acquisition

To reach Lily’s Garden’s success, Tactile Games set elevated campaign objectives for their ROI (Return on Investment) and user acquisition. There’s no one magic spell for successful user acquisition and best ROI campaigns. The best practices of user acquisition always challenge account managers to reach the target audience precisely and effectively via a combination of outstanding creatives, innovative technology, and continuous campaign optimization. Tactile partnered with AdColony and utilized our technology and expertise to expand reach and to escalate the install rates of the popular mobile gaming application.

Case Study Highlights

  • About the Campaign
    • With high install numbers and positive feedback and ratings, Tactile wanted to continue to deliver its exciting and unique gaming experience to more new users and chose AdColony for their ad campaign, allowing users to get hands-on with the storytelling and puzzle gaming technology.
  • How did the campaign work?
    • In collaboration with AdColony, Tactile aimed to increase Lily’s Garden’s reach with an app install campaign to target potential gamers in different countries worldwide.
  • Why does it work?
    • AdColony’s dedicated creative team built custom End Cards for the campaign. Different creative formats were used in accordance with the supply types they were compatible with.