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Summer 2017 Mobile Publishing Trends

How do publishers of the world’s top apps monetize and engage their users in a meaningful way that is effective & respects the user experience? To find out, AdColony surveyed today’s top-grossing app developers, and the results are in!

In This Report

  • How today’s top publishers monetize their apps
  • Revenue breakout by app type
  • Which monetization methods are most effective
  • How monetization affects the user experience
  • What publishers are most excited about
  • How gaming & non-gaming publishers differ
  • How today’s top publishers engage their users
  • What publishers look for in a user
  • Which engagement methods are most effective
  • …and more!

About the Study
The AdColony Summer 2017 Publishing Survey provides insights, benchmarks, and trends from the world’s top-grossing app developers, asking over 100 detailed questions and enjoying a 50% survey response rate.

Respondent Profile
Respondents primarily represented mobile game developers (90%), with a minority making non-gaming apps (18%). A small number (8%) represented mobile publisher who make both gaming & non-gaming apps.

The survey was distributed globally, with the most respondents in EMEA (40%), followed by 34% in North America, 22% in APAC, and 4% in LATAM.