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Meaningful outcomes, driven by data.


Meaningful outcomes, driven by data.

Leveraging machine-learning algorithms powered by real-time data, our Core™ engine automatically optimizes campaigns for maximum return on ad spend for advertisers and monetization efficiency for publishers.

What Core™ does

Advanced Targeting

Core™ uses look-alike modeling and True Audiences™ to optimize more than 100 million Instant-Play™ impressions every single day.

Meaningful Outcomes

Core™ delivers a return on ad spend, whether you are driving app installs, direct response, or brand awareness & engagement.


“AdColony is a trusted partner for TUNE. They are an organization full of smart people that are full of passion, and they’re ready to do anything marketers need to succeed.”

Peter Hamilton

“We rely on AdColony to deliver high quality results at scale. Their product innovation, campaign execution and team is best in class. AdColony is a trusted partner and we look forward to see them continue pushing the envelope in mobile video.”

Pete Staley
UA Manager

“AdColony has been a great partner.  We’ve seen great results for mutual customer campaigns by offering HD mobile video at a global scale while maximizing advertiser results with data driven optimization.”

Charles Manning

“AdColony is a top top-tier partner for us. They consistently outdo much of the competition in traffic quality. Additionally, they provide some of the best support in the industry, adding great value to everything from campaign management to creative production.”

Warren Woodward
Director of User Acquisition

“AdColony has continuously been a key partner for Social Point since we launched our first mobile game. Their service is second to none and they truly share our passion for ROI and performance.”

Jacob Kruger
Social Point

“AdColony is really about long-term business relationships. Working closely with their dedicated team on both creative and analytical sides we managed to sustainably increase our UA keeping positive ROI. AdColony’s transparency and qualified support made them one of the most reliable partners for Murka.”

Angelina Surnina


How Core™ optimizes

Rich Data Sources

Core™ leverages unique datasets made possible by direct SDK integrations.

Behavioral Analysis

Core™ then analyzes user behavior & post-install data to optimize ad targeting.

Real-Time Optimization

Core™ analyzes thousands of ad requests every second to deliver optimal ROAS.

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