Spring 2017 App Install Marketing Survey

How do marketers for the world’s top apps acquire high quality users at scale, what matters to them, and what’s changed thus far in 2017? The results are in with AdColony’s Spring 2017 App Install Marketing Survey. Get the top trends and insights in one concise report. Here are a few highlights: App install marketers are…

May 31, 2017

The Appiness Index: The Appy Future of UK Media Planning – 2017

To measure the changing structure and role of media planning, the AdColony UK team is introducing its new research project, The Appiness Index (UK). This report will help advertisers, media buyers, and publishers take advantage of the changing media landscape and leverage Today’s Primetime. The Appiness Index examines media buying and the emergence of mobile…

Feb 27, 2017

The Big Game: Mobile Usage & Engagement Survey

As millions of people across the United States prepare for Super Bowl VI this Sunday, so advertisers are ramping up. Whether they are finalizing their cross-screen campaigns to supplement their television buy or otherwise looking for additional ways to engage with viewers, there’s one important question: where will consumers’ eyes truly be during the game?…

Jan 31, 2017

App Install Marketing Trends – Q3 2016

How are top earning publishers marketing their apps at scale? Learn what’s working for the top 100 — and what isn’t — in the latest AdColony App Install Survey. Survey Highlights Video continues to grow. 81% of top app install marketers are relying on video more than ever. Campaigns are becoming more global. 77% are…

Nov 2, 2016

Mobile First Insights — Q2 2016

As summer comes to a close, marketers at Fortune 1000 companies are putting their heads together to plan a strong end of the year, honing in on the best ways to reach their target audiences, at scale, with the most effective channel – which for many brands is now mobile. To fully take advantage of…

Aug 23, 2016

Creative Best Practices: Q2 2016

The job of the app install marketer isn’t easy. While advanced targeting and ad serving can improve campaign performance, there is yet another important consideration when launching a campaign: the creative. The Question Alas, what makes a video ad creative successful? What drives higher install rates? The Data To find out, we indexed creative attributes…

Jun 2, 2016

Mobile First Insights — Q1 2016

Introducing the new Mobile First Insights report, which is divided into three sections: DATA, TECHNOLOGY, and CREATIVITY. DATA. The report opens with a set of statistics (derived both from our own platform and other sources) that paint a picture of where we are today, including “where the heat is” in the mobile app market and how…

May 18, 2016

App Install Marketing Trends — 2H 2015

How are top earning publishers marketing their apps at scale? Learn what’s working for the top 100 — and what isn’t — in the latest AdColony App Install Survey. Highlights from the Study: User quality is king, and 93% of top app marketers leverage look-alike modeling to acquire loyal users. Video is out-performing. 76% of…

Feb 12, 2016

Rewarded Video: Creating a Meaningful Value Exchange

How does rewarded video affect user retention and in-app purchase behavior? This study examines the results for a top mobile game publisher.

Feb 2, 2016

Mobile Monetization Study: Effects of Blacklisting

While some app publishers place blacklists against various ad sources, others wonder if there’s any benefit to it. So, how does blacklisting affect revenue? Will removing blacklists affect user retention? To find out, we studied the impact modifying ad blacklist settings had for 8 apps with a combined 2.4 million DAU. The results of the…

Nov 24, 2015