Consumer Road Trip Survey — Summer 2017

The AdColony 2017 Consumer Road Trip Survey is the first of its kind and provides insights into consumer behavior and preferences as they relate to travel and mobile usage. Distributed via the AdColony platform to mobile users globally, the survey asked 8 questions and received over 700 responses. Topics covered include:

  • Travel plans
    • Likelihood of traveling at all in 2017
    • Likelihood of planning a road trip in 2017
  • Road trip behaviors
    • Top concerns when planning a road trip
    • Phone usage before a road trip
    • Passing the time as a passenger during a road trip

A majority of respondents were 14 to 17 years old (22%) or 45 to 54 years old (20%). The survey was distributed globally, with 84% of participants in North America, 8% in LATAM, 5% in EMEA, and 3% in APAC.