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Creative Showcase VW Golf 8

Creative Showcase: Volkswagen Golf 8

Posted Aug 17, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the Volkswagen Golf 8 campaign from the United Kingdom.  The well-known automotive brand reached potential customers by promoting the technological innovation and “All New All Digital” concept of the brand new Golf 8 with a successful and engaging video advertising campaign which gave them an opportunity to experience all these innovations in a visually stunning Dynamic End Card.

About the Campaign

Volkswagen recently unveiled the new 2020 Golf 8 with enhancements that offer consumers sophistication, comfort, safety, connectivity, and innovation. Starting off with the slogan “Evolution on the outside, revolution on the inside”, Golf 8 is “digitally remastered” with high-quality technological equipment and a dynamic new design. PHD Media and Volkswagen challenged AdColony to find a way to inform their target consumers of the exciting new features and technology in the Golf 8 in an innovative way that allowed users to get hands-on with the new tech.

How it Worked

VW and AdColony targeted different audience groups from ages 35-54. This included automotive enthusiasts, racing fans, those with a financial mindset and those with tech apps installed on their mobile devices focused around commuting families, what VW refers to as “open-minded conservatives,” and creative individuals. They were shown a 30-second video of the Golf 8, followed by an engaging, customized Dynamic End Card to promote the innovations and give them a chance to discover more. Check out the ad itself below!

Volkswagen wanted to reach its potential customers with an AdColony-crafted creative which showcased the broad range of technological innovations in the Golf 8 within one rich media format.

First of all, they wanted to highlight the Ambient Lighting package which offers 32 different colors. Using Tap and Swipe actions, which are built into the Dynamic End Card features, users could experience each different color theme with the swipe action.

Users could also explore the radio and sound system of the new Golf 8, its navigation, and definitive exterior features. At the same time, users were able to evaluate different vehicle options and watch additional video content with more detail.  A “Discover More” option took users to the Golf 8 site if they wanted to continue their journey with VW.

Why it Worked

Volkswagen reached more than 600,000 unique users with a completion rate of 93%. All users who completed the video were presented with the Dynamic End Card where users engaged more than 260,000 times. The unique engagement rate was calculated as 28% and users spent 11.8 more seconds on average on the Dynamic End Card exploring the different features. The radio function was the most engaged option accounting for 28% of the engagements. Ambient Lighting came next with 27% and third was the Navigation function with 22%. Exterior information options with 22%, “Watch Video” and “Discover More” functions followed with a rate of 5%.

According to the Nielsen-certified brand study results, Volkswagen managed to have a 7% uplift on ad recall, which shows that users who watched the ad from AdColony were more likely to remember after two weeks. On Message Association, Volkswagen had a 27% uplift rate, showing that the users understood the campaign message and associate the all-new Golf 8 with technology by the highly engaging touch screen end card. There was also a 14.4% uplift in purchase intent, which indicates that the campaign has affected users’ tendency to buy the product.

About Golf 8
Golf 8 is a model of Volkswagen, which aims to create a revolution in the crowded automotive space by providing technological comfort and driving confidence to its drivers thanks to its new model, launched in 2020. It is believed that the new Golf 8 provides a perfect driving experience with its digital technology and beautifully dynamic design. Taking this into consideration, it is no coincidence that they opted for an advertising campaign that keeps users engaged as well as informing and uses the high technology of digital advertising to deliver their campaign messages to the right audience group.

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