Viewability and Ensuring Quality Ad Experiences

Posted Jul 12, 2017

“Quality ad experiences” can mean different things to different people. In some cases, the quality of an ad is diminished to a simple analysis of the creative, but ad quality is much more than that. What is the app/environment the ad is served in? What is the mindset of the consumer when they see the…

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Introducing Aurora™ HD Video: Mobile Advertising Will Never Be the Same

Posted Jun 7, 2017

Advertisers around the world have embraced mobile video, and in a relatively short time, it has become one of the most important channels in all of advertising for marketers of all sizes. Knowing this, we’re incredibly excited to unveil the latest evolution of our mobile video technology, Aurora™ HD Video, a game-changing interactive video ad…

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Adweek Lists AdColony CEO Will Kassoy as Mar Tech Superstar

Posted May 23, 2017

Yesterday, Adweek released a list of “Mar Tech Superstars,” a look at top executives in the marketing/advertising space who are driving the industry forward and rethinking how technology can be used to drive results. AdColony’s CEO, Will Kassoy, was featured on the list, and was joined by executives from companies like Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe….

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Introducing Skylab: AdColony’s Creative Innovators

Posted May 16, 2017

Before any mobile ad creative shatters benchmarks or wins awards, it begins as an idea — an idea to elevate a story, to create a thumb-stopping experience, to look beyond impressions and drive meaningful audience engagement. Here, those ideas come to life at the AdColony Skylab, our in-house group of 60+ award-winning designers and engineers…

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Q1 Update: Brands and Publishers are Embracing New Ad Formats

Posted May 11, 2017

We know that there are many components that go into a successful campaign (targeting, brand safety, viewability measures, technology and optimization, etc.), but above all else, we value outcomes driven by creativity. We regularly challenge ourselves to think through how can we help advertisers stand out, and throughout 2017, one of our main priorities is…

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Elevating Monetization with SDK 3.1

Posted Apr 18, 2017

The future of mobile ad engagement is here with version 3.1 of the AdColony SDK. Designed to drive premium demand with innovative formats & viewability reporting, the new SDK offers the best user experience yet. The SDK features: Viewability-driven demand. With industry-leading viewability reporting for advertisers, the 3.1 SDK can unlock premium demand from brands…

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AdColony Partners with NinthDecimal

Posted Mar 23, 2017

Attention lives where consumers live, and while the activity and location is ever-changing, one thing is certain: their phones are with them. However, how do advertisers leverage location data to improve message targeting and timing? To bolster our data-driven campaign planning, targeting, and measurement capabilities, today we announced AdColony’s new strategic partnership with NinthDecimal, a…

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AdColony Launches High-Performing Instant-Play™ HD Vertical Video

Posted Mar 15, 2017

As we recently announced, AdColony has launched Instant-Play™ HD vertical video. With an 89% average video completion rate and 10% average engagement rate, the new high-performing ad unit is already exceeding the expectations of exclusive launch partners like UFC® as well as Fortune 500 brands. Driving Outcomes with Vertical Video It’s not too surprising that…

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AdColony Delivers 6th Consecutive Year of Revenue Growth

Posted Feb 28, 2017

AdColony today reported Q4 2016 results and full year highlights as part of Opera’s quarterly earnings. 2016 was once again a record revenue year, with AdColony (formerly known as Opera Mediaworks) delivering more than $484M in revenue and 15.3% annual growth. This marks the 6th year in a row in which the company has seen…

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Unifying under the AdColony Brand

Posted Dec 12, 2016

Today, we announced that our entire company will unify under the AdColony brand, allowing us to have one voice and presence as we lead into 2017. As the recent sale of the Opera browser necessitated a move away from the Opera Mediaworks name, it only made sense to unify under the brand already so well-known…

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