Fostering Safe Environments for Brands

Posted Mar 28, 2017

It’s no question that brand safety is a top concern for advertisers. After all, brands need to know that their messaging is aligned with quality content, whether it’s on mobile, the web, or elsewhere. As a platform built around quality — from innovative ad formats and creative executions to the environments in which they’re shown — we…

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Apple Stock

Apple’s Slow Quarter is Good News for Publishers

Posted May 5, 2016

Apple’s disappointing earnings call last week has already generated a lot of discussion in the industry. For the first time in 13 years, Apple saw its revenues decline, mostly due to slower iPhone and iPad shipments. Apple’s stock prices took an appropriate and expected dip as well. The silver lining to the bad news for shareholders is that…

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Why Mobile & Programmatic is More Than Just RTB

Posted Mar 26, 2015

Quick: Define “programmatic.” Given it was dubbed the 2014 marketing word of the year by the Association of National Advertisers, this should be easy, shouldn’t it? And yet, during a Webinar co-hosted by the Mobile Marketing Association and Fiksu, only 19 percent of the attendees polled said they had a clear grasp on what programmatic…

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Wearables: 5 Risks (and Rewards) for Early Developers

Posted Feb 17, 2015

The time frame: The mid 80s. The must-have gadget: A Sony Walkman. The verdict: Almost perfect, except for the fact that when I clipped it to my belt, the Walkman made it somewhat awkward to sit down. Still, given how long I’d been asking for one, there was no way that I was going to…

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Hot Trend: Using “Old-School” Tactics to Drive New Downloads

Posted Nov 25, 2014

App developers are on a continuous quest to find new ways to drive downloads. And we know that it’s about both quantity and quality, meaning that the goal is to attract users who will consistently invest time – and maybe even money – in an app. What’s interesting is that two decidedly “old school” methods…

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For Better Ad Performance, It’s All in the Mobile Game

Posted Oct 30, 2014

Marketers (and their agencies) are always looking for an edge – that new tool or tactic that will help them connect with their target audience and get them to act. And for companies like Purina and the WWE, the new “must-have” tool is a short, snappy mobile game that’s actually an ad.

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UK Spotlight: ‘Tis the Season for Mobile Shopping

Posted Sep 26, 2014

We like to keep our fingers on the pulse of all things mobile here at AdColony, and we felt a big beat this week after reading eMarketer’s latest predictions for how mobile users in the UK will approach the upcoming holiday season.

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