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Creative Showcase: Dacia Duster

Posted Sep 29, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we’re looking at the Dacia Duster campaign from Spain! The Romanian automotive brand (a subsidiary of Groupe Renault) reached potential customers by promoting its core brand values of generosity, reliability, simplicity, and intelligence, with a successful and engaging video advertising campaign while giving them an opportunity to experience all these values with simple hotspot buttons to discover more.

About the Campaign
Dacia unveiled the 2020 Duster to offer its customers the opportunity to engage with different adventures and promised to be the best companion on this path. Dacia wanted to show its customers how the Duster has been equipped in terms of technology and design with the simple pleasures of adventuring and touring in mind. OMD and Renault challenged AdColony to find a way to inform their target audience and consumers at large of the exciting features and technology built into the Duster in an innovative way and allow users to get a brief “hands-on” experience with its tech. 

“Just as Dacia is the Smart Choice for the consumer, we try to choose the smart choice in our Dacia media plans to reach our potential consumers in the most relevant way and with the best performance,” added Raul Muñoz Escribano, OMD Spain’s Brand Director.

How did it work?
Dacia and AdColony targeted three different audience groups to build the Duster’s diverse target audience which included eco-friendly consumers and pet lovers, pragmatic buyers, and sports and outdoor activities lovers by showing them customized a Dynamic End Card to promote the innovations while giving them a chance of discovering more. 

Especially in today’s world, we all say that we are equipped with high-quality technology in our vehicles and we are actually living together with this technology. Knowing this, Dacia wanted to reach its potential customers with customized AdColony-crafted creatives for the different offerings of Duster while giving them an opportunity to experience as much as possible in the palm of their hands.

Firstly, Dacia wanted to highlight the colorful “world of Duster,” which is available in nine different colors. Using hotspot buttons, users had the opportunity to change the color of Duster within the ad itself by clicking on the hotspots. 

Again with hotspot buttons, consumers were able to discover the traction advantage and capacity of the Duster in detail. At the same time, users were directed to Dacia’s site and had the opportunity to learn detailed information about all the features of the vehicle by tapping the “Discover More” button if they wanted to continue their journey with Dacia.

Why did it work?
The innovative and eye-catching creative appealed to app users and yielded great results for the campaign. While reaching its potential customers, Dacia achieved a high completion rate of 96%. All users who completed the video were presented with the Dynamic End Card where users engaged more than 250,000 times! 43% of the engagements were from the traction advantage hotspot button, 38% came from colors, and 19% from the capacity information button. Watch Video and Discover More had a rate of 5%.

About Duster
Duster is a model of Dacia, which aims to create simple pleasures in the crowded automotive space by providing technological comfort and assuring its drivers that they will be the best companions thanks to its amazing model. It is believed that Duster provides a superior driving experience with its technology and dynamic design. Taking this into consideration, it is no coincidence that they opted for an advertising video that keeps users engaged as well as informing and uses the high technology of digital advertising to promote Dacia’s brand values in a simple, intelligent, and engaging way.

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