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Christmas & New Year Shopping 2021 – Highlights from EMEA

Posted Nov 22, 2021

After a long period of COVID-19, people are getting ready to forget the suffering days with the fresh spirit of the New Year! While Christmas bells ring, consumers around the world are already preparing for the festivities leading up to 2022. Since smartphone usage has not slowed down even during post-pandemic days, it would only make sense that shoppers would also do our gift buying on mobile devices as well. To better understand shoppers’ behavior and preferences, we partnered with GWI and conducted our annual Christmas Shopping Research in the EMEA region, and gathered valuable insights from various countries around the world.

When looking at shoppers in the EMEA region 58% of consumers state that they will use online delivery options for Christmas shopping this year! Also, according to GWI & Avery Dennison’s Digital Consumer Behavior Report, globally over 90% of shoppers want technology-based solutions to improve their shopping experience. 

Let’s dive into consumer behavior during the Christmas festivities!

Highlights from EMEA

Smartphones are mandatory even while in-store shopping. — 91% of participants in Turkey think that they should have their smartphones with them while shopping in stores, followed by Spain with 85%, Italy with 83%, and Portugal with 82%.

Online delivery options make shopping convenient. —  73% of consumers in the UK state that they will use online delivery options for Christmas shopping this year, followed by South Africa with 72% and KSA with 60%.

Smartphones are one of the most reliable devices for shopping online. —  83% of consumers in Russia think mobile shopping is as safe as shopping on a laptop/desktop followed by Denmark with 81% and Sweden with 70%.

Consumers expect to see personalized ads on their mobile devices. — 38% of consumers in Germany expect to see online ads that include offers relevant to them. On the other hand, 55% of consumers in Italy expect online ads to provide them with a coupon/discount.

Shoppers take action after seeing an ad that appeals to them. — 14% of shoppers in Turkey plan to compare the product’s online price after seeing a Christmas-related ad. Additionally, 53% of consumers in Saudi Arabia state that they made a purchase after the advertisements they saw on their mobile devices during Christmas/New Year.

Mobile games fill-out shoppers’ leisure time during Christmas. — As mobile gaming became part of our daily lives during the pandemic, there are no signs of slowing down during Christmas too! 32% of users in the EMEA region state that they will spend the same amount of time playing games on their smartphones, compared to an average day during Christmas and New Year. 

Please contact us to get more detailed information about each country!

About the Study

The Christmas Shopping Survey has been distributed in the EMEA region and this report dives into the results in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the UK. The Christmas Shopping Survey garnered more than 1500 responses from consumers in the EMEA, ranging from 16 years old to over 65. It asked participants about their shopping behaviors and preferences, mobile gaming usage, and how their mobile device plays a role in the buying process.

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