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Creative-Showcase- Egypt Tourism

Creative Showcase: Egyptian Tourism

Posted Dec 9, 2021

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques through the Egyptian Tourism Board campaign that ran across AdColony’s extensive mobile app inventory, targeting potential tourists in Russia. Thanks to AdColony’s premium Dynamic End Card technology, the ​​Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB) increased vacation consideration and most importantly travel desire in its targeted audiences.

About the Campaign

Egypt may be known for its ancient treasures and rich history, but there is more than you might expect. From surreal waters and golden sand beaches to remarkable architecture and natural therapies, the ETPB wanted to get Egypt on travel enthusiasts’ bucket lists! The Ministry of Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities through the Egyptian Tourism Board decided to use the undeniable power of mobile games to capture the attention of passionate travelers in Russia.

With its distinguished Nile, great history, vast deserts, warm weather, and cool beaches, the ETPB campaign invited their target audience to learn more about the country, and discover unique places across Egypt through the premium features of the Dynamic End Card technology.

How did it work?

The ETPB partnered with AdColony to run a mobile campaign to promote vacation-worthy places in Egypt and invited them to discover more on their website. After the audience watched Egypts’ discovery pre-roll ad, which highlights breathtaking destinations, the real execution began. With AdColony’s Dynamic End Card (DEC) technology, users were able to explore the country in a very fun way by clicking on location hotspots in the map & then tilting their phone to check out various stunning images from each of these locations. 

AdColony’s creative and engaging swipe, tap, and tilt execution ultimately captured traveler mobile gamers’ attention. With the different CTA buttons, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques through the Egyptian Tourism Board achieved great results which outperformed the benchmarks.

Why did it work?

A combination of hotspot and tilt features led to a total DEC engagement of 20.6% which is more than twice the Premium and DEC benchmark! Cairo captured the most attention with more than 143K engagements, followed by Hurghada with more than 116K and Sharm El-Sheikh with more than 99K engagements! 

While the DEC received more than 386K engagements, more than 123K of those came from unique users which resulted in a 32% Unique DEC engagement rate and exceeded the 25% benchmark. Users also spent an additional 9.5 seconds on Dynamic End Card.

The campaign achieved an amazing 90% Video Completion rate, compared to the 80% benchmark. With more than 2 million impressions and 1.8 million completed views, it’s looking like Egypt may see a lot more tourists when the opportunity for travel enthusiasts gets going again!

About the Ministry of Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is the Egyptian government organization that serves to protect and preserve the heritage and ancient history of Egypt. In December 2019 it was merged into the Ministry of Tourism.

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