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Creative Showcase: Axe 0.1% Effect

Posted Jan 13, 2022

In this Creative Showcase, the Unilever-owned Axe brand of deodorant, set out to discover if its confidence-boosting powers could influence overall gaming ability by 0.1% with AdColony’s highly engaging video technology. 

Axe wanted to bring awareness and engagement to their ‘Axeperiment’ and teamed up with the world’s top streamers to test the theory that wearing Axe body spray can help improve gaming ability. In the League of Legends Grand Finals, Axe experimented with the help of four world-renowned gamers from the U.K, U.S, Mexico, and Germany. Each participant received their own 0.1% kit ahead of the experiment, which included a monitoring band and Axe body spray.

At the conclusion of the experiment, there was a slight uplift in performance detected, roughly aggregated to 0.1%, across the four participants. To increase the awareness of this exciting uplift rate and to create interaction with their target audience, Axe partnered with AdColony and created a highly engaging gamified campaign. 

Thanks to creative Aurora HD Video execution, Axe was able to receive high engagement, completion rates, viewable and authentic rates, and more that were high above the benchmark.

About the Campaign

As a leading company in the FMCG industry, Unilever always strives to appeal to as wide an audience as possible with its advertising strategies. To promote the ‘Axe 0.1% Effect Experiment’, also known as ‘Axeperiment’, Axe reached its consumers in Turkey to bring awareness by using the power of mobile games. 

As an iconic personal care brand, Axe has a distinctive, (hopefully for Axe’s customers) irresistible and catchy fragrance, which also brings a responsibility to create a whole experience that would invite the viewers to engage. The campaign achieved the goals exceeded expectations and increased the time spent with the brand!

How it Worked

To create a highly engaging user experience and increase the awareness of the ‘Axeperiment’, Axe decided to use AdColony’s gamified execution. While watching a pre-roll video, Axe invited mobile gamers to play the Axe game by tapping on the deodorant bottles. In every single tap, users activated the various skills of the Axe character and interacted with the product in a fun way. Thanks to Aurora HD Video technology, it gave users a chance to see how Axe deodorants improve gaming ability and experience. Also, at the end of this on-video gaming experience, users were invited to learn more about the product or play the game again. Through the gamified execution, users could find out the effect of Axe on the gaming experience by tapping on the screen. While creating awareness around the product range of Axe Deodorants, the campaign achieved eye-popping results and highly influenced the brand’s targeted audience. 

Campaign Results

The Axe 0.1% Effect campaign achieved an amazing 89% Video Completion rate compared to its 80% benchmark. With more than 2.6 million impressions and 2.3 million completed views, Axe impressively reached its target audience and surpassed benchmarks. 

Axe 0.1% Effect campaign’s Aurora execution was  designed to connect the users with the four different types of Axe in a game simulation and users could see different effects at the same time:

  • Attention score increased and reached an amazing 92% rate and the campaign captured a 168% engagement rate and exceeded its 60% benchmark.
  • The gamified video execution received more than 3.9 million on-video engagements, The black model of Axe had the most on-video engagements with 1.4 million.
  • On the Dynamic End Card, an uplift was detected in performance across four participants wearing Axe body spray. We can definitely say that users gave more attention to the ‘Discover’ button with a 67% rate!
  • Besides that, successfully, the Unique DEC Engagement rate reached 83% rate and highly exceeded its 25% benchmark.

The results of the campaign were also measured by Nielsen’s Certified Brand Study. On the Brand Consideration question, the campaign had a 44.2% uplift rate which indicates that the campaign had a positive impact on the users as they consider purchasing Axe after watching the ad. Combined with the right targeting and Aurora technology of AdColony, the campaign had a significant impact on users’ preferences towards Axe among its main competitors. On the relationship rank question, the campaign had a 21.3% uplift rate which indicates the campaign managed to increase the number of users who rank Axe as the best, successfully increasing the brand rank higher amongst its competitors. 

Thanks to AdColony’s Aurora technology, Axe was able to keep engagement with the target audience until the end and influenced the perspective of users towards Axe positively.

About Axe 

For over 34 years, Axe has helped guys look, feel and smell their most attractive. Men across the globe in over 90 countries reach for Axe – also known as Lynx in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and China – to start their day. In 2021 Axe introduced the #NewAxeEffect with its superior formula which allows an irresistible smell.

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