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Germany Mobile Data

Mobile Usage in Germany: Apps Dominate Mobile Web & More

Posted Aug 15, 2017

What can mobile usage in one of Europe’s most tech-literate markets show us about global trends? To find out, the AdColony team in Germany analyzed data across ad networks during Q1 to see just what trends, usage insights, and sentiments could be gleaned from citizens across Germany.

Apps Dominate Today’s Primetime

As measured by ad requests, mobile apps dominated mobile web throughout the day. With 93% of requests coming through wifi and mobile usage spiking between 7pm and 9pm, it’s clear that users are engaging most with their favorite apps at home after work.

Android also continues to gain ground based on the total number of ad requests, but Apple holds a commanding manufacturing lead in Germany, even though China and Germany were the only markets where Apple actually lost market share in 2016.

Raw numbers aside, even though Apple users continue to monetize better than Android users, Google and Samsung have been closing in. The Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S, for example, are on their way to exceeding the iPhone when it comes to average revenue per daily active user.

There’s even more data in the infographic to inform publishers’ and advertisers’ moves as they continue to iterate on the best ways to acquire, monetize, and retain users. Like the study completed by our Istanbul team, it’s easy to see international trends in user behavior and markets are more similar than different, no matter where you might live!


  • 90% of device usage comes from phones, with only 10% from tablets.
  • Android gained ground, making up 55% of ad requests during Q1.
  • Manufacturer HTC dropped to just 1% of ad request share, even as Android’s share grew.
  • German users keep their batteries topped up, using an average of only 25% per day.

Check out the infographic for more great insights into German mobile usage below! A full-size graphic  is also available.

Additional Information
The original German infographic is also available. Contact AdColony’s German team to learn more!

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