Mobile Monday: Retaining Users & App Overload

Posted Apr 9, 2018

As retention numbers in the second half of 2017 picked up, so too did users’ strain and stress at having too many apps. Are the two related? Have you been pickier about the apps you install? We’re taking a look at app overload and Localytic’s latest Mobile App Retention report in this Mobile Monday.

Slowing the Churn & Increasing Retention
High user retention is one of the holy grails of mobile app developers. More than just a measure of users actually liking an app, high retention numbers can be key indicators of long-term health and profitability. It’s no wonder it’s seen as one of the key indicators of success.

According to Localytics’ latest report, users are getting more loyal on the whole — 20% more loyal in fact. Since 2016, average one month, two-month and three-month retention rates have increased by 11 percent, 22 percent, and 28 percent.

Localytics Mobile Retention
Source: Localytics


Localytics also reports that churn has actually been reduced by an average of seven percent. Are users actually more loyal, or are they simply more picky about the apps they install in the first place? If users have to have certain apps for school or work, are they getting more discerning about those apps they can choose?

The Paralysis of Choice
User pickiness may indeed be part of increased loyalty for apps users do choose to use, especially amongst working professionals. “App overload” is certainly a thing for users who rely on their phone to keep the connection to their workplace.

In a report by RingCentral, users bemoaned the multiple methods of communication and productivity required on their mobile devices. According to the report, workers today are using an average of four apps, with 20 percent of workers using six or more. This includes apps for phone calls, texts, web meetings, video conferencing, team messaging, and more.

Workers find navigating between apps more annoying than doing household chores (53 percent), paying bills (52 percent), and trying to lose weight (50 percent).

Source: RingCentral


With every potential business partner and company using a different conference call service, and different chat services (Slack, WhatsApp, etc.) on top of standard text messages and email, it’s not a leap to say professional app users (some of the best monetizing demographics) are a bit more choosy about the apps they install, and therefore more loyal to the ones they do.

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