Mobile Monetization Explosion

Mobile Monday: A Mobile Monetization Explosion

Posted Apr 23, 2018

Monetization is the bread and butter of the mobile industry, and the latest phones from Samsung, Google, and Apple have hit monetization records — Good news for mobile publishers and advertisers alike. Meanwhile, Netflix has announced it plans on doubling down on original content.

Monetization Milestones
According to the latest study from analytics platform DeltaDNA, Apple’s iPhone X and the latest devices from Google and Samsung achieved game monetization rates up to 270 percent above industry averages.

In an email interview with VentureBeat, Mark Robinson, CEO of deltaDNA, said: “this latest study should make encouraging reading for game publishers and developers as it reinforces the trend that better performing smartphone models deliver more positive game monetization KPIs.”

While the study focused primarily on IAP monetization, it still gives publishers and advertisers strong insight into the spending patterns of these bleeding-edge consumers. Focusing high-end items and services on consumers using the latest devices would be a logical targeting step to come from the study.

It’s “industry common knowledge” amongst mobile publishers that the more expensive the device, the better the owners monetize, both in terms of IAP and ad monetization. Last year, another deltaDNA study indicated developers see ads as an important monetization opportunity.

More Content for the Masses
Netflix today announced plans to raise another $1.5 billion in debt for “general corporate purposes” with plans around content, acquisitions, and other strategic transactions. Considering the company has announced strong earnings, and continued subscriber growth on the heels of its shift to promoting its own content should come as a surprise to no one.

Netflix’s growth has been fueled by mobile subscribers and users in growth markets prefer mobile and tablet devices by an overwhelming margin. Minimizing the costs of licensing third-party content is a clear and obvious path for Netflix to take as traditional players like DirecTV Now, and CBS All Access make plays for Netflix’s “always available” media mindshare.

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